Rosary confusion

I am a recent convert (> a year). I pray the Rosary daily and love it so very much! Lately I have been ill and it has caused a bit of mental confusion. As a result I prayed the wrong mysteries for a particular day, and just yesterday I prayed two Joyful Mysteries and ended with the last three being Glorious.

How can I fix this? I am mortified!

Thanks and God Bless


Follow a guide that says which set of mysteries are for that day until you have them memorized?

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There is nothing to “fix”. Our Lady is happy with whatever mysteries you meditate upon. You could even just pick one mystery and meditate on it through all five decades if you liked.
Be at peace.

P.S. The Mysteries “for a particular day” are just suggestions. The Rosary is a private devotion and you are free to select any set of mysteries you want to pray on any given day. If you are praying with a group, it’s advisable to meditate on the same ones the group leader is announcing, so you can be in harmony with the group. If you’re praying on your own, you can pick any set you want or combine them or whatever brings you closest to God.

Even some of the Rosary devotions such as the 54-day Novena do not necessarily match the “suggested set of mysteries” for a particular day; for example, you could end up praying Glorious Mysteries on a Friday rather than Sorrowful Mysteries.

If you want to learn the Mysteries better and are just annoyed that you got things mixed up, I recommend using a Rosary meditation book. There are cheap little ones available at any Catholic book store. Adoration chapels often have a few for people to use, and you can find them online as well if you want to just print one out or read it on your phone.


I sometimes skip the mysteries or default to the sorrowful mysteries (I ponder on them all of Lent so they are the best memorized). I also get confused since they added the Luminous mysteries. They have just never sunk in, threw me off for years.


I have a Rosary Prayer Book and pray the Scriptural Rosary from there. It works best for me and that way I never get confused or jump between mysteries.

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I thank each of you for your answers and suggestions! I feel much more at ease. I do have some rosary booklets/prayer cards and had stopped using them as I felt I had it all down pat. A lesson in humility, for sure.


It’s not a problem at all!

Keep it up. The Rosary is an incredible prayer.


I am stuck on the joyful mysteries and especially “Mary goes to visit Elisabeth” since 1.5 years. Somehow I don’t think God would mind me meditating on the Incarnation.


Wow, we will have to send you to the Gulag Archipelao for a transgression like this. :frowning: Smoking or non?


Have you been reading Solzhenitsyn??

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I’ll do penance by walking to the Gulag. It is all walking on land without having to swim across the “big pond Atlantic”.

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Follow a Rosary guide online, see if has scripture passages that goes with the mystery too. It’s better for meditation. God bless you and peace.

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OK, you have a good attitude about this.

Your sentence has been commuted to the “Way of St. James”, sometimes referred to the El Camino…

Starting at St. Jean Pied de Port in France, it’s only 500 miles. We shall even let you being in April rather than immediately.


As I have been considering the Appalachian Trail, I gladly accept this sentence.
Much better history, and not as rainy. Still some serious miles, though.

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Nah, though I should at some point read something by him. I just like the name.

His novels are awesome. I started ‘Gulag Archipelago’ last year, it’s really interesting but I constantly have to keep flipping back and forth to the glossary to keep up with all the Russian government acronyms and figures.

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What is to fix? God sees the interior of your heart and He loves you.

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Hello, I had the same problem too! Please do not be mortified. I think it’s a journey as a new Catholic. I converted 5 years ago and had the same problem.

The advice I could give you is to have a book for the rosary. Also, if you become confused, you can use an app in your phone to tell you which mystery it is for the day. I depended on the book first that my godmother gave me. Then, I started to memorize them and was able to know them. I sometimes forget- and if this happens- I turn to the book, the app, or on the internet. There are many other ways as well!

It’s great that you love to pray the Rosary! I love the Rosary, too. Many saints have said that it is very powerful- and I feel that it is. I am sick also, and Mary has interceeded for me in many moments when my life was in danger.

Pax Christi!

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Don’t worry about it. I have mixed up the Glorious and Joyfull mysteries doing 3 of one and 2 of the other (I think) when tired. I just went back and started the proper mysteries again when I noticed. If you don’t realise you did this until the next day, I would think that our loving Mother would not hold this against you.

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