Rosary Direction of Prayer

  • Clockwise
  • Counterclockwise
  • Don’t know / don’t care / I can’t tell the direction with my Rosary

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There’s no way to answer this until you give us a referent for the “front” of the Rosary.


With the crucifix facing up/Jesus looking at you


It probably depends upon handedness. I’m left-handed,so I proceed clockwise. But, even when you do not have the beads handy, you still have10 digits on your hands.


Every rosary I’ve ever owned the crucifix sits in a plane 90° from the plane of the decade beads, so there is neither clockwise nor counterclockwise.


Decades plane 90° from field of view, crucifix facing:

Decades plane facing field of view, crucifix 90°:


Neither of my rosaries hang like that.

That’s interesting you’ve found something to break my paradigm, though :smiley:


Where are you getting your rosaries!? I’ve yet to find one that lays flat and believe me I’ve been lookin!

Anyway, I pray clockwise no matter which way the crucifix or clasp is facing (however the decade’s plane is facing me I pray clockwise relative to that). I hold the rosary in my left hand habitually so my dominant hand is free to do other things (sign of the cross, breast striking, etc.)


Rugged Rosaries, and then my cheap freebie from my church- they both lay flat.


Counterclockwise. I am right handed.


I ussually go left :grinning:


I’m usually counter-, but if I happen to be saying the Rosary with my left hand, it can get turned around


Counter-clockwise and I am left-handed.


Counter clockwise, right handed


I’m right-handed but use my left hand for praying the Rosary, mainly because usually I pray the Rosary while driving. My wife says that is weird!


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