Rosary Disposal


An ex boyfriend left a rosary at my house. I just found it the other day. I don’t want it. I don’t even know if it was ever blessed. Is there any way to dispose of it?


Put it in the back of your church for someone to take.

Or sell it on ebay (no, that is not simony - I asked my priest about it).

Or best of all, mail it to your ex.


I would not dispose of it - perhaps leave it in your adoration chapel for someone else to take if they need one.

You have an emotional connection to the thing - that does not mean the thing itself needs to be disposed of, only removed from your life so you are no longer uncomfortable with having it around you. No need to dispose of it, just give it away.



You’re right, the rosary itself is not the problem. I never thought of leaving it at church. Thanks.


…or donate it to KofC or St. Vincent dePaul shelter or any other Catholic charity in need.


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