Rosary during Mass?


I tried searching “Ask the Apologist” and could not get a search completed after several attempts.

Several threads have debated the practice of saying a Rosary during Mass. It seems to me that the hour should be devoted entirely to God and time be given to the Blessed Mother either before or after Mass. Any mother would want the attention going to her Son anyway, right? :wink:

One such thread covered the TLM and how Rosaries were prayed regularly during Mass before Vatican II (at least by one account in that thread). If that was the case, does that make it ok to pray a Rosary during a TLM today?

Can you shed some light on this subject please?


Dear Lux,

The rosary is mainly about the life of Jesus. To meditate on His life does not contradict what is taking place at Mass. In the past when people could not understand the Latin, it was a form of prayer that worked for many. Today there are still situations with language and age that make the rosary an effective means for some people at Mass.

But for most people, the celebration of the Lord’s death and resurrection (which is what the Mass is) demands their full attention and participation. It is the prayer of Jesus to His Father and nothing can equal it.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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