Rosary during Mass

Yesterday at Mass one of my friends was saying The Rosary during Mass. I was always told that it was not really proper to say The Rosary during Mass, that before or after was the time to do this.

From what I have heard, this was a common practice under the Tridentine Mass before Vatican II. This was due to the limited participation of the faithful in the Mass. However, it is discouraged today because of the participatory nature of the current Mass.


The Rosary is he second greatest prayer in the Latin Catholic World… however the greatest prayer is Holy Mass, and we should not practice any private devotions during the Liturgy.

Yes, Paul VI made it clear that the rosary should not be said during Mass in his Apostolic Exhortation Marialis Cultus, in n. 48: "However, it is a mistake to recite the Rosary during the celebration of the liturgy, though unfortunately this practice still persists here and there. "

And in n. 31:

“Secondly there are those who, without wholesome liturgical and pastoral criteria, mix practices of piety and liturgical acts in hybrid celebrations. It sometimes happens that novenas or similar practices of piety are inserted into the very celebration of the Eucharistic Sacrifice. This creates the danger that the Lord’s Memorial Rite, instead of being the culmination of the meeting of the Christian community, becomes the occasion, as it were, for devotional practices. For those who act in this way we wish to recall the rule laid down by the Council prescribing that exercises of piety should be harmonized with the liturgy not merged into it.”

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