Rosary for children?


How do you recommend I start teaching my 6 and 7 yo children to pray the Rosary? They know the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be by heart already. Is there an easy method for teaching it to young children that you can recommend? Thanks in advance.


My boys (5&7) like using this little book:

It’s funny, a couple of weeks ago my 5 year old had laid two rosaries across his pillow in anticipation of bedtime and praying together.


now is great
any video that shows the life of Christ, events of Joyful mysteries etc is a good start, and reading the stories from a children’s bible so they understand where the basis of the rosary comes from. great way to teach the prayers is to pray together as a family. start with OF, HM and GB every night, graduate to one decade at a time, until you can do a whole rosary.

help them make pictures of the mysteries, or finish a coloring book on the rosary


If your parish says the Rosary before/after mass I highly suggest going and taking your kids. My grandparents always said the Rosary before mass (well they were on the rotation). I didn’t know until college that you weren’t expected to go to the Rosary before Mass every Sunday :mad: (Just Kidding)

I really believe this is my foundation to my dedication to the Rosary.

I now lead the Rosary before Mass every Sunday at 7am. (I am still waiting for someone else to join the rotation :shrug: )


That’s really beautiful. :slight_smile:


YES! By all means teach them the rosary :slight_smile: I learned when I was 5/6 and that really contributed to my devotion to it now…

I am 22, and I am a graduate student at Creighton University. I joined the Rosary Club on campus when I was a freshman and met some wonderful people through it (including my soon-to-be fiance :slight_smile: ). Now, 4 years later I am the president of the club :slight_smile:

I think the rosary is a wonderful prayer to teach kids…maybe even to pray together as a family! That is what my bf and I plan to do with our kids one day.


There is an animated video out by EWTN but it may be too young for your kids, I’m not sure. If you get EWTN, they occasionally show an episode on TV. What they do is explain the mystery and what it means in kids terms. Then they pray the Our Father, (1)Hail Mary, Glory Be and Fatima prayer for each mystery. It jsut kind of gets them used to it and helps them learn the mysteries. Another thing some people do is to just get them to start out by praying one decade per day and then slowly working their way to the full rosary. Your kids may be ready for the whole thing, never know!


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