Rosary for the Coasts and Borders of USA - looking for more people - Dec 12


Hi all, Somebody posted here a while ago trying to get 53 people to join their group to have at least one person praying a Rosary in all 50 states plus territories and DC on Dec. 12, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. They seem to have about half the states or maybe 2/3 covered but still have quite a few where they need to get at least one person to pray.

If you can help them out, please visit them and post at the Disqus page here:

I signed up…probably going to end up covering Delaware that day…

Apparently someone from LifeSiteNews (gulp) has contacted them for a possible article.


I see some folks signed up to take a state, that’s awesome!

Just posting the US states they still need at least one person to cover by saying a Rosary in that state on Dec. 12, as of last night:


They have a request out to Guam, but nothing definite yet.

I’m also not sure if they got anyone from District of Columbia (though you would think someone at Catholic University of America, or Georgetown U, at the very least could handle one Rosary)

You are of course welcome to join even if someone is already signed up to cover your state. The more prayers the better!

People from other countries are also welcome to join in solidarity, and folks from Ireland, Croatia, England and Japan have signed up.

Do have a look if you think you can help. The USA needs more prayers.


Why are we praying for the Coasts and Borders? I hope this is not to keep migrants out. :frowning:


why gulp for lifesite news?


I believe it’s against abortion and radical Islamic terror and disbelief.


You can find out “why” by reading on their page.

I somehow don’t think the concern about abortion and radical Islam have anything to do with “migrants”, and these are all based after a rosary project that Poland did earlier this year, but people will think what they like, I guess. There are some people out there who think that just praying for your country is some sort of bad, aggressive act. I personally think it’s a lot healthier to say prayers than to wake up every day and start immediately hating on one or the other political party.


Because they get stuff wrong so often. I don’t want them to feature this as some sort of “border control” rosary.
It’s just a rosary for the nation, I tend to say one for the country a few times a week anyway. The USA needs the help.


what’s wrong with a nation exerting its sovereign rights to control its borders? The Church itself says that this is okay…


I don’t have a problem with it myself, but people have differing opinions, and this Rosary is supposed to be a unity thing, not something that creates political divisions.
I think we can all agree we don’t want to be victims of Islamic jihad terrorism (Regular peaceful Muslims are fine, and I work with a bunch of them every single day and have had them in my workplaces for years, so don’t read anything into that) and that we as Catholics are anti-abortion because it is murder and we would like to see more true Christian values, like loving one another and loving God, in our society…and I’m always up for praying a rosary.


that’s very true… I hadnt thought of it that way… thanks!


LifeSite News published an article on this Rosary today. Lots of people now joining since the article appeared. It’s an okay article.


Thanks to the article, as of today they have almost all US States covered (plus a number of foreign countries joining in support) but are still looking for people to cover


If you will be in one of these four states on Dec 12 and can pray a Rosary on that day (any time, though 3 pm is suggested), then please consider going to the Disqus site and joining.


“welcoming Christian refugees but barring (jihadist) incomers”

We need to set up a solid battery of polygraph tests on the immigrants, to find out who are Christians, who are pretending to be Christian, who are peaceful Muslims and who are extremists. Or we could just expel Muslims back to their destroyed cities to face imminent death, and welcome Christians. We know that it is always been part of the Judeo-Christian Faiith and Scriptures to label and differentiate between which migrants we should welcome and which one we should reject. That is why Scripture says:

“Thou shall love the stranger, unless he wants to do harm to thee or his presence in thy country leads to unemployment, economic distress, monetary inflation, and potential increase in the public debt”,

and also

“The alien who resides with thee shall be to thee as the citizen among thee and thou shall love the alien as thyrself, unless of course thou feelest threatened by the alien, in which case thou may cast him back from were he went and withdraw thy love from him”

and in the New Testament:

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, unless they be of a kind that should not be shown hospitality because there is a chance they may do harm or have a hidden agenda”

Discrimination is usually an excuse put forth by those who simply don’t want immigrants, but cannot say “keep the persecuted Christians out” if they want to continue calling themselves Christian.

Furthermore, things have changed a lot in 500 years…is it really fair to compare the Muslims of then with today’s Muslim, especially since we live in a nation that is densely populated by both Christians and Muslims? Is it not a defensive and reactionary stance, to use the Rosary to specifically oppose a religion?

For those who do not know it, a vast number of Muslims do not understand Jihad as a “holy war” against the Crusaders or Western Civilization. Many see it in a transcendental way as a path of self-mastery. It is analogous to our definition of “spiritual warfare”, where we do not literally mean to fight spirits or to fight war, but rather to conquer sin and the passions. And yet we’ve had our share of “holy wars” against the Muslim and of nutjobs who justified violence in the name of Christ, haven’t we?

So, should the Muslim also gather and pray the Dhikr against unjust discrimination?

We didn’t wait for the U.S. bishops to do anything. As a group, they don’t seem cut from the same cloth as the great Polish bishops who are so busy (being bishops), protecting and leading their flock among real dangers

Yes, our feeble bishops are not macho infidel powerhouses as those other ones. We should write down why we believe the American bishops do not protect and lead their flock among real dangers, and then nail it at the entrance of the USCCB headquarters! Wait, no, that would be an obvious protest. Let’s have people sign it, mail it instead, and this way we can call it a “petition”. That’s what the Church teaches on the relationship between the laity and the successors of the apostles, after all.


PS: this instrumentalization of the Rosary would be revolting to St. Dominic and to Pope St. Pius V - the former, because he handed down the Rosary as a form of meditation on the mysteries of Christ to seek contemplation and as a form of asking for the universal intercession and mediation of Our Lady on all human beings; the latter, because this event was not willed by the Catholic hierarchy and much less by the Pope (unlike in the case of the Battle of Lepanto). In fact, those faithful were very united to the hierarchy, while some of these, well, we know where they stand from their comments on LifeSiteNews and elsewhere…not exactly fans of their bishops and of “Bergoglio” (as Pope Francis is often referred to)…


I’m sorry you have such a hangup about saying a simple Rosary and, as some people are doing, a Divine Mercy. A number of the people praying are going to be doing so at pro-life events, churches where they pray Rosary regularly, and PP clinics. I’m not really interested in debating this with you, or even reading your posts in detail, sorry, not sorry. Bye


Yes, I’ve seen the “rosary crusaders” and the anti-abortionists holding political signs and graphic signs in front of abortion mills. They do more harm than good and they forget the big picture.

I am into a different kind of prayer and pro-life ministry. Less political and more focused on saving souls.

Good night :slight_smile:


No one is forcing you to pray the rosary, you are free to pray whatever you choose for any reason…we still have freedom of religion in the US.

The Rosary without borders was prayed in Poland on the feast of St Mary of the Rosary also known of Our Lady of Victory, instituted by Pius V after the Battle of Lepanto which saved Europe from Islam’s army and Islamization in 1571. Pius V believed the battle was
won thru the intercession of the Virgin. In 1683 the Islamic invasion of Europe was stopped again At the Battle of Vienna in 1683. Before that it was Charlemagne that saved Europe from Islamic onlaught from the Iberian peninsula.

Since now Europe is being Islamized, not the least because of the secularization and loss of faith by european Catholics, it is indeed proper to pray for faith. Make the effort to see what goes on in Sweden, Germany and France.

In the Fatima revelations the Virginalso said that the world can be saved thru seeking her help. This is why the Rosary to the Boundries was prayed in Poland and then Ireland and Italy by milions of people. It is a prayer to the Virgin Mary to keep us from the fulfilment of the cathastrophic prophecy in Fatima.


I am happy that this Rosary effort is now getting a pretty big response due to the Life Site News article. If anyone else wants to join, please feel free to go to the Disqus page and either join one of the groups forming in your state, or start your own. Persons from other countries are also joining in.

I am sad that the person who originally organized this Rosary has just had to evacuate due to being located in the vicinity of the Ventura fire, but I hope she will be OK and her spirits seem to be high. Apparently, Thomas Aquinas College, which is located near where the fire started and which the fire is named “Thomas” after, was also involved in getting this Rosary effort off the ground. The fire spared the college, thanks be to God; it’s just closed for the week due to no power and roads out.


I think the concern for USA is not so much that US is being “Islamized” as it is a fear of violent incidents. In the USA, many such incidents and attempted incidents are traced back to people who identify as Muslim terrorists. I do not confuse these people with the generally good Muslims I might meet at work or at my colleges. Many of the violent people are not even immigrants, but are US-born people who hook up with some radical group on the Internet and go from there. I don’t see anything amiss in asking Our Lady to protect our country against those who would do violence. We don’t want another 9/11.

With respect to Europe, I can’t speak for countries in which I do not live, but the fact is, Muslims do practice their religion, while many Catholics are becoming lax or non-practicing. We should follow the example of our Muslim neighbors and practice our faith or risk losing it and that part of our identity altogether. I’m not interested in having a repeat of the Crusades or on keeping legal immigrants out of the USA even if they are Muslim. I am interested in asking for Our Lady’s help for our nation and in actively practicing my faith. Too many people want to hide Christianity under a bushel basket these days because it’s “not politically correct” and the only way to dispel that train of thought is by doing things like Rosary crusades.

I’ve been looking at some of Father Peyton’s rallies on Youtube. I know there was controversy over him taking CIA funding, but thousands of people praying a Rosary is far better than a lot of other things thousands of people could be doing instead. It is my hope that someday he will be a saint. People who lead Rosary rallies nowadays are just following in his steps.


Around here the Feast of OLG is a day that begins with music in the Church at 5 AM, with services/celebrations lasting until midnight-ish. The day is busier than Easter and Christmas combined for Catholics.

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