Rosary for the Conversion of Sinners


On CAF there are many Rosaries prayed for different intentions: Married couples, the members on CAF, families, just to name a few. But there is one Rosary which has not been done yet:

The Rosary for the Conversion of Sinners

Lest you think that such a Rosary is not necessary, or that it is a waste of your time, let me remind you of the truthes which are taught by Sacred Scripture and Tradition.

In the garden, when Jesus was stooped in deep prayer, He had to suffer unfathomable torments, torments which were so great that He sweat drops of blood. The Lord suffered because He saw that, despite His Passion, which is the ultimate proof of God’s Infinite Mercy, many souls would rather choose to separate themselves eternally from God than accept the Divine Mercy. This agony which Jesus suffered culminated to such an unfathomable degree that He felt like He was about to die right than, and an Angel from Heaven had to come and console Him.

This same deathly sorrow Jesus is plunged into when even a single soul goes to Hell. For every unrepentant sinner that plunges himself into Hell, the Lord must suffer unto death - and realize now that there is more than one soul in Hell: there are many! How much torture Jesus’ Heart must be plunged into right now, continuously moaning for consolation!

To console Jesus in this unfathomable agony, it is necessary to pray and make sacrifices for the conversion of sinners. Not only that, but by consoling Jesus, one tips of scale of Mercy and Justice to the side of Mercy, softening the just anger of the Father.

But even if this is not enough to motivate you to pray the Rosary for the conversion of sinners, than take to heart the terrible pains which the damned must suffer themselves: They are deprived of God, deprived of the Beatific Vision, deprived their only source of absolute and eternal happiness. They must bear a perpetual remorse of conscience, eternally aware that they themselves chose to separate from God, aware of the infinite offense which they did to Him, and aware that He did everything in His omnipotence to save them from Hell. They are forever conscious of the fact that their condition will never change, and so, they are beyond devestation, beyond despair - they hate God’s Mercy. They will forever burn in a spiritual fire, and this fire will be most terrible for their bodies after the resurrection. They will be engulfed in the smoke of the spiritual fire, which will be of the suffocating odor of death and will be so black that the damned will not even be able to see, and it, like the spiritual fire, will be of a spiritual nature, so that the damned will, even in the darkness, see each other’s deathly states and the ugly devils and all their evil deeds - all of which will be darker than the darkness itself. They will suffer the company of Satan, who is evil incarnate and shall appear to them as such - a monstrious apparition beyond words. They will be led by Satan in a horrible, ear-splitting cry - thousands of voices ringing out like bells - of blasmphies and curses against God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mary, Joseph, and all the angels and saints. And as if all this suffering which all the damned must suffer is not enough, each of them must suffer particular tortures in accordance to their sins, which, like all the torments of Hell, will never cease, and, after the resurrection, will be increased by a thousandfold, as the body shall suffer along with the soul!

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