Rosary hung around the neck

Last night on Fox 47 and the show, So You Think You Can Dance, one of the dancers was wearing a rosary around his neck. I believe the caragraphers design the costumes, so is this blantant statement by the producers.

I am not to sure if is a blatant statement, but this has become a vogue thing in Hollywood. I personally find it offensive, but I have to remind myself that I should not judge. Not all of those who do this know the power of the rosary and do it without the knowledge of what a rosary even is. I think we should pray that the through this new vogue they may be touched by the Holy Spirit.

But what statement are they making by wearing miniature replications of ancient Roman execution devices?

I work around a large hispanic population. Both males and females wear rosaries around their necks.

While this may have been “a part of a costume” in this show it is disrespecting many of the population to remove it beucase I think its sacrilegious.

As one student put it to a hostile professor, “She’s my momma and ain’t no one gonna tell me I can’t keep her close” and then he took the crucifix and kissed it.

It’s a statement about prayer,

prayer is what us Christians do to upset atheist :rolleyes:

uh that would be a crucifix. a rosary is a mnemonic device used in the recitation of prayer.

HAHAHAHAHAHa… Ok i laughed out loud for real at that. Sorry cerad. I know you were trying to be clever epic fail btw…but damn son you got burned.

Uh perhaps the same statement ancient Chinese people made when they worshiped a certain reptilian creature that was considered a symbol of the devil in medieval Europe? :rolleyes:

There’s also a lot of baseball players who wear a Rosary around their neck.

Most of those guys are hispanic. :):wink: and consider it an honor as we might consider wearing a miraculous medal.

In many places, a rosary hung around the neck is a gang symbol. Sad but true.

Unfortunatly, yes, it is but we shouldn’t deny people their culture because of that.

Many baseball hats are gang symbols, too.

I’d rather people see a Rosary that could be disrespectful that inspires them to ask questions than not see one at all.

Who knows what good seeing it might have done?:thumbsup:

What places?

Police say rosaries are newest gang symbols

I personally find it offensive…but for those who want more opinions, here’s an old thread I found on this topic:
Hope this helps!

I think part of the “gang symbol” is hype

I have employees who wear it and they said that other hispanic kids in their school would say it was just to freak teachers out.

Its so engrained in their culture and lifestyle. Even though I first found it questionable I now totally respect that they wear it and I will defend it come what may.

I agree.

Here is a quote taken from the article I was referred to in defense that it actually is a gang symbol:

“It’s become part of the look,” said Victor Castro, a detective and school resource officer who leads gang awareness training in Hillsboro, Ore. “They use it as a reminder of protection.”

This whole article proves nothing.

On top of that, I know and have contact with people who live in these areas, and they get this stuff tattooed on them as well. This is because they are actually proud of what they believe, and as the article stated, they use it as a reminder of protection.

These guys have every right to wear this.
And even though they are apart of this entire “gang” culture, no one has any right to stop them wearing Rosary Beads.

Im catholic and I wear them…

Well, I think those who wear it as jewelry are offending Catholics everywhere…but if you wear it for genuine reasons, then that’s fine! :wink:

I have seen rosaries around people’s necks .I haven’t made up my opinion is of it.

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