Rosary intentions

How do you all do your rosary intentions? One per rosary, several per rosary, one per decade, etc.?

When I intend to pray for someone or something, I add that intention to my general intentions. From that time on, that intention is part of my prayer intentions for all my prayers whether I conciously remember it or not, until I specifically remove it from my general intentions. There’s no special formality involved in this, I just decide to add a specific prayer intention to my general intentions, and it stays there until I decide I’m done with it.

I also pray specifically for things that come to my mind of course, and this is especially true of the Rosary, because the different meditations on the mysteries naturally bring to mind new prayer intentions as I go along. So I add them as I go along, and I also make it part of my general intentions that If I think up a new intention during the course of some prayer, that that intention retroactively becomes part of my intentions for the whole prayer.

I list all of mine, but I may list special intentions around a decade. Sometimes, I may even pick the decade for the intention or occasion. Thanks and God Bless.

I pray 'em as the pop into my head. Mostly it goes like this:

Out Loud: Hail Mary, full of grace,

In my head: oh yeah, my brother, pray for him please

Out Loud: the Lord is with thee,

In my head: and if you can help me with this too…

And on and on. It’s kinda crazy and disorganized, but it works for me and the BVM :smiley:

I will usually just pray for all my intentions when I pray the rosary. Everything you pray for will most likely not be answered soon but it is good to not lose faith and continue to pray for the same things.


I use to do one per decade but now I’ve got so many of them (just the ‘standard’ ones exceed five without even taking into consideration the ‘special’ ones) that I do then as a list at the beginning of the prayer.

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