Rosary Intentions

Is there a limit on rosary intentions? Like could i say two or three things i’d like for my intentions, or should i say three different sets of mysteries for each one?

And one slightly related question: Who exactly am i praying to with the rosary? I always find it awkward to state my intentions because i don’t really know who i am talking to. Is it Mary or God or both?

And another rosary question: I recently lost something and i said ( to God) that i would pray 5 5-decade rosaries that day if i found it. I found it, but later failed to uphold my end. So i made it 10 5-decade rosaries and i’m doing them over time. Is this good? Or should i just do 5 rosaries in one day like my original promise? And if i’m doing rosaries for a promise i made like that, does that mean i can’t have any other intentions with that rosary, because i’m doing it in thanks? Like i can’t say that i’m praying this rosary in thanks for God granting my request and etc.?

When we pray to a saint, we are ultimately praying to God. When you say the Rosary you’re asking Mary to pray for you to God. As for intentions, I tend to add a lot of intentions to my Rosary, but I figure all things are possible to God. Do the best you can with saying the number of Rosaries you promised. God is not an accountant. He understands your situation, and Jesus doesn’t want us to have a legalistic mindset when praying. He wants us to talk to God as to a father.

Thanks. I just don’t want to sound selfish when i’m stating my intentions.

It’s not selfish. It’s generous to pray for others. God has so many graces available simply for the asking. What a pity that more people don’t ask! Don’t let them go to waste. It’s OK to be greedy for God’s graces!

I hate to admit this, but I actually have a writen list of my rosary intentions. It’s as long as your arm. I include everything for my family (immediate and extended) for more good priests, for the Church as a whole, for world peace, the sick on my list, the souls in purgatory, and for the intentions of the Blessed Mother herself and for the Sacred Heart of Jesus. (actually those are my 1st intentions) I feel that Jesus through Our Blessed Mother can handle any amount of intentions prayed for.

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