Rosary Interruptions


Some days my life is so peaceful & calm,Some days (very few) it can be chaotic.Most days its somewhere in between.

Since converting to the Catholic Church 4 years ago I adopted the daily routine of praying the Rosary with the aid of an online Schriptural Rosary aid.

A year ago we moved to a rural location that has no cable,internet,or telephone service.Only satellite TV &internet from towers.The trick is to find a service that the tower is not blocked by hills.ridges or oak tree forests.After 9 months & considerable expense we found a tower that broadcast a strong enough signal to our little valley to operate the puter.

During the time of no puter I learned to rely on memorized thoughts about the various mysteries of Christ to think on as I recited the Hail Marys.All well & good but over time it became automatic,dry ,& for me lifeless.but I continued to use this method for various reasons.

So we come to today.A couple interruptions might annoy me slightly but no big deal usually. But today for me was a real test.11 times I got as far as "Faith,Hope,& Charity,“For an increase in Faith we pray,Hail Mary full of Grace…” & would be interrupted,go solve the problem then return to the Rosary…I began at 8:00 AM it was now 11:00 AM…I was exasperated & bordering on anger (not good ).

So for some reason I went back to the computer & found a new site with a computer assisted Mysteries of Christ to help me concentrate.I hadn`t used the computer to aid in the Rosary for a year except maybe twice (different website).

It was a good thing,so rich & revelant,the hassels of the morning were worth it.I might not have looked for this site otherwise.



You didn’t ask but would you like a free cd of the rosary?That way you can pray along whenever you want.Mine is from and it’s one of my favorites.I too live in the boondocks and cannot rely on the internet,and we have a satellite connection!..Everyone NEEDS to pray the ROSARY!!!


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