Rosary is a gang symbol?


A Dallas-area high school student says she’s been forbidden from wearing her rosary to school because it’s considered a gang symbol. She had been wearing it around her neck until a guard stopped her and told her she had to take it off.

Question: should one be wearing a rosary around their neck?


well from my experiences…i do not think it is necessary to!! especially if you are not a catholic - i.e. as a fashion statement (and trust me, I no plenty of guys who range from 20yrs up who do it because they want 2 emphasise there patriotism to the hiphop lifestyle).

However, it is more acceptable if various orders wear it with their robes. e.g. Franciscans.

I think if one wants to wear a religious item around there neck, try investing in a scapular or a chain with blessed medals.


Hispanic gangs wear the Rosary as a sign of national or cultural identity. The do not wear it for religious reasons. I have heard it said that they believe the Rosary repels bullets.

While in New York, I saw a lot of Puerto Ricans wear the Rosary around their necks. This may be for religious reasons but it was probably for fashion and cultural reasons.


Just about ready to post this.

What a crock. :mad:


I used to see them worn by Hispanics, when I’d go to Holy Hill in Hubertus WI. I remember several years back it being said it was a ‘gang symbol’ but I think it’s part of the culture.


Being Hispanic I can say that I wear my rosary not for fashion reasons but because I have been raised to have a great respect for Our Blessed Mother and the rosary.

That some would use it as a gang symbol is between them and God, not because of culture but from ignorance. I think to say across the board that all Hispanics wear the rosary for fashion reasons or national identity is try to put in a box of opinion and not fact, an entire ethnic group, which I find disrespectful.

I have no problem with anyone wearing the rosary, just as I wouldn’t have a problem with someone wearing a chain that has a cross on it. If you love your faith and choose to wear a rosary, cross, saints medal or any other religious item then I don’t see what is the big problem with it.



Back in the 80’s and early 90’s when I was involved in jail ministry, it was common for inmates to wear rosaries around their necks. This turned out to be a symbol for those in the Mexican mafia and the different color of the rosaries signified the rank they held in that organization. The practice of giving out rosaries to inmates was curtailed for several months, and then when resumed, were all of one color.
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I never knew that, I remember seeing it in the 80’s. I believe men and women but usually men. Jogging my memory here. Mostly at Holy Hill but I remember the monks too with the big rosaries, wooden beads I think, around their waist or just looped through the belt? It’s been a while since I’ve been there.


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