Rosary lingerie collection?


I apologize if this isn’t an acceptable topic for the forum and I’m not quite sure where it fits so moderators please remove or delete as you see fit, of course. I heard about this on the radio the other day and found this blurb on the internet. It’s a lingerie collection using the rosary as part of its sales hype. Anyone heard of this? I originally posted the internet side but editted my post and removed it because it has some pretty racey pictures on it.

I hope Bill Donohue knows about this.

Rosary’, the second collection from Made by Niki, is about to launch in stores for Spring 2007. The collection, which is entirely handmade by Niki comes with a Swarovski Rosary Necklace that is perfectly placed for instant redemption and can be worn attached to the bra straps, the chastity belt or as a separate necklace.


Sounds weird.

Ah yes, the Catholic answer to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.


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