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Recently, I have begun saying the Rosary daily. I have noticed an indescribable calmness that has come over me and I know it is due to my daily recitations. I worry though, that I am distracted and if this borders on “vain repetition” although my intention is stated prior to the Rosary. Any help/ suggestions appreciated also does anyone have any suggestions of CD’s of the Rosary to put into the car and recite along with?

As for The Liturgy of the Hours, does anyone do this? If so, how to do this? The Rosary, I feel, is pushing me to do more daily prayer and I WANT to very odd for me…Is TLoH a good place to go? Thanks in advance…


Everyone has to deal with distractions. I find that if I do the Scriptural Rosary, which has a line of Scripture before each Hail Mary, then it is much easier to focus. You can google “Scriptural Rosary” and some sites will come up that have the Scriptures for each mystery.

LOTH is wonderful. I say Morning, Evening, and Night Prayer from Shorter Christian Prayer. Someone who understands the format can help you understand how to use the book.


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May God continue to bless you abundantly through your devotion to him through Mary and the Rosary.

Rosary thoughts for your consideration

(1) JP-II adopted the method of inserting a nearly inaudible or mental prayer phrase (e.g., for the Agony in the Garden Mystery) after the *Hail Mary *words: "…and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus,say "…who sweat blood for my sins…or “…who submitted to the his Father will…”]. JP-II said that he found this method kept him focused and helped him to avoid “mind wandering” distractions.

(2) The other option I like was mentioned…to use scripture lines/words of the Mystery to meditate on the event…or even better to place yourself in the scene as an observer…or maybe even better to be an active participant.

(3) Time permitting…pray the Our Father/Hail Mary/Glory Be…at a slightly slower rate of speed so that you can think (for just a moment) only about the words you are praying. Praying this way the first time…I became overwhelmed with the reality that I was being permitted to ask the Mother of God…to pray for me a sinner…and that she not only hears me…but listens very carefully to me and is happy to hear me…because she has asked me (all of us) to pray the rosary daily… and I am doing what she asked me to do for her…and she does what I ask…prays to the Father through her Son, Our Lord Jesus, for me a “no doubt about it” sinner!.

  1. If you go to the link below…you can get a very good rosary CD–its a simple calm voice that really helps our prayer effort…its @17 minutes (also included on the CD is a Divine Mercy Chaplet…a treasury of traditional Catholic Prayers…and a short history of the Rosary)…FOR FREE through The Mary Foundation.

If you pay ~$15…you can purchase a terrific Rosary CD by Dana Scallon and Father Kevin Scallon C.M. (they have one CD with the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries and a separate CD ~$14] with the Mysteries of Light). These two CD’s are simply incredible…Father Kevin’s meditations for each Mystery are “spiritual jewels” and the combination of his lead and Dana’s “congregation” voice followed with her ending mystery melody are beautiful!

Pax Christi


Thank you for your suggestions. Yesterday, I purchased the Shorter Christian Prayer and hope to begin this evening.


Blessings to you!


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