"Rosary Ministry" - Do you have one like ours?


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

… The wind blows where it wills, and you can hear the sound it makes, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes… (cf John 3:8)

Our Pastor, with one of the Deacons in our Parish who is both Spiritual Director of our Legion of Mary and also Coordinator for the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion discussed at a Liturgy Mtg. possibly to expand our Legion’s “Rosary Ministry”.

One of our Legion Members had begun to pray the Rosary with a small group of Residents at a Health Care Facility in our parish. I was asked to see if it might be possible to expand this ministry to serve the new Health Care Facilites which had been built in our parish, recently.

I was so blessed by the number of Legion members who were able and willing to do this! Two responses in particular blessed me: A Legionary just began Chemo treatments having been diagnosed with Cervical Cancer but she told me when she finishes her treatments in October if all goes well she’d like to participate in this Ministry.

A second Legionary is a cancer survivor at present — her treatments seem to have helped her – said that while she couldn’t visit the Facilities, if I let her know times and days when the Legion would be praying with the Residents there, she would pray her Rosary with them at home.

We have 7 Facilities now in our Parish and I’ve been able to start forming teams of 2 Legion Members for each one. It is a blessing I wanted to share on the Forum in case the Holy Spirit may be prompting others to listen to what He may be saying to them. :slight_smile:


Great, God bless your LM team.
I and few others must heal a hospital.
Praying, Eucharist and related can heal.

St Teresa used holy water.
Holy water of apparition sites worked for me [besides of medicine].

An angel of the Lord went down into
the pool at appointed times
and stirred up the water; whoever stepped into the
water first was healed of
whatever disease he had’
(John 5:4).


Dear toddy,

Thanks so much for your reply. Yesterday when praying the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary, I prayed especially for our Legion of Mary Members who are (and who will be soon) praying with the Residents in the Health Care Facilities, and for all the Residents. We also have Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist visiting the same Facilities on different days to take the Catholic Residents Holy Communion.

I think this was why the Pastor and the Deacon saw a need for the Rosary to be prayed as well with the Residents, because Father cannot offer Mass in all 7 Facilities and the Rosary is another way in which Jesus can come to the Residents in a “spiritual way” . It is a blessing for the Legion Members to do this for we are all called to holiness in the perfection of Charity. We are called to become like Mary, Mother and Model of the Church, through whom Jesus came the first time to earth, and continues to come through His Church.

Yes, St. Theresa of Avila used Holy Water and if you have read about the approved Apparitions of Mary at Kibeho, Africa to three young girls, there is a beautiful account of Mary’s telling one of the girls to “water her flowers”. The girl had the custom of blessing the crowds with holy water and she realized her little container of Holy Water did not hold enough for the huge crowd – then the Lord sent a downpour of rain! :slight_smile:

The girl also realized the crowd was, “Mary’s flowers” – all her children are her flowers. See [HERE]

Yes, Holy Water is a very powerful sacramental. I’m happy to read it helped you (along with medicine) – the Lord provides!


The parish I attend has “Rosary on the steps” every Thursday evening. A group of parishioners gather all summer and pray the Rosary on the steps of the cathedral. I’m up at 3am on Thursday mornings and have never made it to this event, but their picture did appear in the newspaper one day. Passersby are invited to sit and join in.


Dear CelticWarLord,

Thanks so much for your reply. Is there some special significance to the 3 am time-frame for praying the Rosary at the Cathedral? We’ve had Rosary Rallies at noon in October - usually Saturday closest to Our Lady of Fatima Feast, and we’ve had all night vigils on First Friday through Saturday morning, at which Rosary among other devotions are prayed.

We’ve also had Divine Mercy prayed at 3 pm — but 3 am is new to me as far as a Rosary Devotion at that time. Of course any time is a good time to pray the Rosary but — I’d have a hard time at 3 am too!


Because I’m up at 3am for work, I’m usually in bed by the time the Rosary would start at 7:30 pm. :slight_smile:


Now I get it – thanks much CW :slight_smile:

By the way, I love my own Irish heritage - both my maternal and paternal Grandparents were born in Ireland. I never met them but they came to America where my parents were born. My Mother was so Irish in her ways – many thought she was born in Ireland.

Today is America’s “Independence Day” and my husband and I prayed for our Country especially but for all the countries of the world. So many seem to be “ignoring” the God of our Fathers (and Mothers).

Come Holy Spirit, and renew the face of the earth! Mary, Mother and Model of the Church, pray for us. Jesus we trust in You! St. Joseph, pray for us.


We have a Rosary every Tuesday at my parish. They usually do something else afterwords depending on which Tuesday of the month it is.


Thanks, OscuteturMe Osculo, for your reply. It is good to know that your parish is seeking to honor God and our Mother in this special Rosary every Tuesday.

Thanks for sharing that good news. :slight_smile: I wonder how many families in all our parishes pray the Rosary at home.


My 150 beads string or rosary like back old days. Very happy with that.


How lovely, toddy! Thanks for the picture and your devotion to Jesus through Mary, praying the Rosary.

Yes, the 150 beads, were originally in honor of the 150 Psalms prayed – since there were many among the poor who were illiterate and could not read the Psalms, the Rosary was comprised of beautiful and powerful prayers learned by rote: the Apostles Creed, the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory Be.

The Original 15 mysteries, Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious were pondered while decades of 10 beads each were fingered on the beads. Pope St. John Paul II suggested we add the Luminous Mysteries (also called Mysteries of Light) which included pondering the events of Jesus’ Public Ministry: the Baptism of John, The Wedding at Cana, The Proclamation of the Gospel, the Transfiguration and the Institution of the Holy Eucharist.

He also suggested we pray them thus: Joyful Mysteries on Monday and Saturday; Sorrowful Mysteries on Tuesday and Friday, Glorious Mysteries on Wednesday and Sunday, and the Luminous Mysteries on Thursday. Pondering the Mysteries in the lives of Jesus and Mary (and also of St. Joseph in the Joyful Mysteries) is so important because if we are not praying with attention and devotion we can drift into just reciting words.

If we ponder the words of the prayers, of course, that is good too, but it is the “drifting off into complete distraction from God” that is the temptation. We need to keep bringing ourselves back to the Truth - prayer not just words but it is ultimately speaking to and listening to God in a very special relationship.

Thanks again for your replies and please let us continue to pray the Rosary daily, as Mary requested at Fatima. Let us encourage others to draw closer to Jesus through Mary. Her vocation has ever been to give Jesus to us, and to give us to Jesus. Mary is Mother and Model for the Church, and so by God’s Grace, may we daily grow more like our Mother. :slight_smile:


Just an update on our Rosary Ministry:

Of the Seven Health Care Facilities (excluding the Hospital to which our Pastor and Deacon are called in emergencies and the Deacon visits weekly) The Legion of Mary is now on the Calendars to pray the Rosary with the residents at Four Facilities. :slight_smile:

The other Three are still “in process” i.e. we are trying to call the Activities Directors at those Facilities and have either not made contact yet, or have not yet heard back from them. Yesterday, I was especially happy to hear that in one Facility, we will begin praying the Rosary on August 4 – that is the First Saturday – and the Rosary will continue to be prayed on every first Saturday of each Month. How beautiful is that!

It seems to me this is a Ministry possible to many more parishes and I hope lay persons as well as Deacons and Priests, reading this thread, will pray about starting something like this in Health Care Facilities ( Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, etc.) in their parishes.

Mary, Mother and Model of the Church, pray for us.
Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.
Jesus, we trust in You!


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