Rosary Miracles or life changes happen?

As we all know the Rosary is a very powerful prayer. Anyone have any life changing stories or miracles happen them when they started praying the Rosary? I am interested as I love hearing about miracles and happy things happening to those who have a devotion praying the Rosary :blush:

I have read of soldiers in either WW1 OR 2 on a plane on their way to fight and they all prayed the Rosary on the journey (some were not even Catholic) and not ONE of the perished…I’m sorry I hope I have the story right it was a few years back I read the article but that is the gust of it.


My former pastor said that he was able to administer last rites to a man right before he died because his parents were praying the daily rosary for that intention.

People have overcame sinful habits after praying the daily rosary for a couple months, especially sins against Faith and of the flesh.

In short, yes, it will only help you in the spiritual life :slight_smile:

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Google online, and read the free ebook “The Secret of the Rosary” by St Louis De Montfort.

Also Google online and read for free the free ebook “The Glorys of Mary” by St Alphonsus Ligouri.

Both are filled with miracles of Our Lady for those who pray the Rosary or other devotions.

St Dominic’s monastery had the motto:
“If you pray the Rosary well, you will either give up sin, or will give up praying the rosary. The rosary and sin cannot exist together. One of them will be given up.”

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