Rosary Mistake

So, I was saying the rosary today, the joyful mysteries. Half way through I realized it was Friday so I should be saying the sorrowful mysteries. I put the thought out of my head so I could finish praying my rosary.

Was this the right thing to do? Do I have to say it over again now? Does it like invalidate my Rodary because I said the wrong mysteries?

The Rosary is optional. As such, it cannot be “invalid.” You are OK.


The day/mystery correspondence are suggestions. I wouldn’t worry about it. I did the same thing, for years I said the Joyful mysteries ONLY until I had the other ones memorized. :slight_smile:

Don’t lose sleep over it. Like GEddie said, a rosary cannot be invalid. Our Lady loves to hear her children’s prayers always. :yup:

Also, some people choose to say the Joyful Mysteries during Advent, the Sorrowful Mysteries during Lent, the Glorious Mysteries during the Easter Season, and the Luminous Mysteries during Ordinary Time. But like I said before, Our Lady loves us no matter which set of mysteries we are praying.

There was a quote I once read and it went something like this:
“The worst Rosary ever prayed is the one that was never said.”

God bless you!!!

The only reason a mystery of the rosary is assigned a certain day in the week is that by the end of the week the whole 15 decades have been said twice.

Mon - joyful
Tue - sorrowful
Wed - glorious

Thr - joyful
Fri - sorrowful
Sat - glorious

Sun - glorious because each Sunday is a litte Easter.

So if someone would say the sorrowful on Monday, that’s ok. Then say the joyful on Tue.

And all of this is just suggested, and nothing imperative about it.

If you like the sorrowful, it may be say all the time.

Just a thought.

“Jesus, God and Lord of all, come to us, we pray. Thus united in your love, may we live this day.” (hymn)

You have a strong faith, and want to do what is right, and that is all that matter when day ends.

The Rosary is a private devotion. You can say whatever mysteries you want whenever you want. You can even create your own mysteries, there are books out and web sites with suggestions on doing this.
For the most part, I say whatever mysteries are speaking to me that hour when I say my rosary, and if it correlates with the suggested set of mysteries for that day, fine, and if not, fine too. :slight_smile:

You can change the beginning prayers or ending prayers if you choose to do so, or add to them. It’s a private devotional and you can make it your very own personal devotion. :slight_smile:

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