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Hello everyone.
I’m new to the Rosary, I got my first one today. My question is are you supposed to read the mysteries from a book, Scripture or from memory? If from a book can anyone recommend a good one please?

There isn’t a “supposed to” in this case. It’s a private devotion. Memory is fine. Some people like to ready certain scripture verses related to the mystery each decade. A devotional book should be fine, too. Do whatever you find most beneficial.

I’m sure others may have some recommendations on resources, though.

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The Laudate app has the mysteries for each day.
Like wesrock said, theres no obligated way to pray the rosary. What I like doing is mentioning the rosary mystery and each bead being an intention for someone. Everyones got there way of praying the rosary :slight_smile: great devotion

Any way you want to. It took me a while to learn them all by memory. Just realize when you say them you are to meditate on the mystery while saying it not just “rattle off” Hail Mary’s & Our Fathers

This is a great book and I love using it

" OUR LADY’S ROSARY NOVENAS - ILLUSTRATED" You can order it off EWTN or other websites. It is illustrated as it says in the title, has an excellent preface and lots of commentary at the end on praying the rosary. And of course it contains the promises and instructions of the rosary.

I read it as I say and pray the rosary. Say the prayers, read the “reflection” for each mystery, more prayers, read the next “reflection”, say the next prayers, etc. It’s a very useful and reflective tool.

I love or whatever that site is called

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