Rosary on CD

Does anyone have suggestions for a good rosary on CD? I’d like one with some nice soft music in the background. I have one but it is talking only…I’d like something with a little music.

I have a good suggestion for Rosary on CD. “The Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet” from the Mary Foundation

I have that one, but I don’t prefer it – I would prefer something that has music.

Here are two that I use.

You can listen to a sample on this one.

I like and use both.

I use “The Rosary is a Place” by Fr Groeschel and Simonetta. You can download it on itunes or buy it on the ewtn catalog. She sings between the decades, it’s pretty good to say the rosary with.

Hello Dear Friend

The one I have is Gretchen Harris with the 20 mysteries. I got it on my ipod via apple itines, but I’m sure you can buy the cd no probs. It’s very soft and humble, pleasant and has relaxing music too. I love it.

You can download a free podcast from itunes of a priest praying a scriptural rosary in a humble manner too. I have not prayed this etc but they say it’s good and it’s free and there’s many free podcasts there. You can check them out if you want.
Happy praying. God bless:)

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