Rosary or LOTH or both?



Is there a benefit to praying the Liturgy of the Hours versus the Rosary, or both? Does one have a specific focus over the other? I'm confused. Should the laity just focus on the Rosary? Thoughts and comments are appreciated.



The Rosary and LOTH are two very different sets of prayers with entirely different focuses. The Rosary is a private devotion designed to get your mind focused on the life of Christ. The LOTH is the prayer of the Church. It is designed to unite the prayers of all the faithful both horizontally (within the Church) and vertically (towards God). Both are excellent ways of bringing one closer to God and strengthening one's faith, and thus both are worthy of devoting time to. Typically, the Rosary is the one that most laity, but there are many laity who pray the LOTH as well. I say if you have time for both, you're going to be that much better off. Personally, I (try to) pray the rosary in the morning during my commute and then the evening prayer from LOTH just before bed.

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Both are awesome.

Truly, if you can swing it, laity or not, LOTH is so rich and meaningful and so full of wisdom and power, do it, do it, do it. :) As laity, myself, I can't begin to express to you how much my husband and I have gained by doing LOTH together. It's a doorway not only to beautiful prayer, but also provides insight to our early church fathers that we just don't get any other way.

Don't stop the rosary though as it holds such a convenient avenue towards profound prayer as well.


It is on ly few months ago that I purchased the divine office - morning and evening prayers- I have started to learn to pray it and at the moment its a bit complicated but I am determined to unravel and master it. I just love the psalms. I would encourage anyone to pray both the rosary and the LOTH.


The litany is the hours is the prayer of the church worldwide. At any time, day or night , one can join others universally with to pray in union to God. The litany is required for some, a option for others.
Personally I try to pray morning and evening prayers. The format is outstanding for spiritual growth.

The rosary unites us with the life of Christ. We can meditate on the Mysteries starting with Mary's fiat to God thru Gabriel, ending with her Cornation in Heaven. In between is her son's Redemptive Journey. St. Padre PIo called the rosary his weapon. Countless Popes have daily prayed the rosary. I try daily to say at least one rosary.

If prayer is the worship of God, what better method than contemplation on the Rosary?


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