Rosary/Prayer/but no Mass?

Am I in spiritual trouble with God if I do not go to Mass on a regular basis, but I pray the Rosary and other prayers at home often?

As Catholics, we’re required to go to Mass weekly, so I’d say yes.

Well, that depends. Why you are not attending Mass regularly?

May God Bless you

Possibly, possibly not. :shrug: I dunno, but I sure hope the rest of the body doesn’t decide to do this!


Yes, you have a problem and need to go to confession unless you are too ill to go.

I found the following answers up in the Ask An Apologist forum.
*]Is missing Sunday Mass considered a mortal sin?
*]Is Missing Mass a Grave Sin?

I wish you had given a little more detail as to why you are missing Mass. But missing Mass on Sunday is a very serious matter unless you have a very good reason. The Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith. As Catholics, we should understand our faith and the importance of the Sacraments in our lives. When we receive Jesus in the Eucharist or go to Him in the confessional, we receive life-giving and life transforming grace. Although we can receive grace through our prayer lives, Scripture study, and works of love and mercy, nothing can top the grace of the Sacraments-- especially when we receive the Lord Himself. I hope you understand this essential truth of our faith. Here is a page from the Catechism which talks about the Sacraments in general, and here is the page which really talks about the Eucharist specifically. This page talks about Mass, our worship and our obligation to attend (CCC 2180, 2181)

The conditions for a sin to be mortal are that the matter is grave (missing Mass IS grave), that the sin is done with full knowledge ( you know it is a sin) and full consent (no one is forcing/influencing you). Only you and God know if you are in spiritual trouble-- the fact that you are asking tells me you may not have full knowledge that missing Mass on Sunday is a grave matter. Maybe you do, maybe not. Ask yourself if you knew going to Mass every Sunday (and all Holy Days)is a precept of the Church and we are under obligation to go unless we have a good reason-- illness, caring for another, etc. If you answer yes, and no one forced you to miss Mass, then you are most likely in a state of mortal sin and should to confession at once. More than this, if you are are missing Mass without good reason, you must realize what you are missing. In other words, it’s important to go to Mass because of Who we encounter there and the healing that will occur for us-- not just because it is a precept of the Church.

If you are homebound or something like that, then of course, you are not obligated to go to Mass, but if I were you, I would contact the Church and see if someone can bring you the Sacrament.

You are obliged to attend Mass every Sunday; if you are skipping that, then yes, you are in trouble because missing Mass on Sunday without GOOD reason is a mortal sin. If you are skipping daily Mass then that is ok.

Other good reasons for missing Mass:

  1. Too far away to go.

  2. Too dangerous/hazardous to travel to Mass.

  3. Able to infect other people with sickness, or physically unable to get there safely. (Exhaustion, etc.)

  4. Mentally unable to go safely, for yourself or others.

  5. Taking care of other people/kids and can’t leave, or performing vital work (like firefighters).

  6. Need job to stay alive, can’t change shifts, and there’s no Mass scheduled when you’re not working.

  7. Obedience to anti-Catholic parents when under age or living under their roof.

Like Pope Benedict said, if you could get there if it were a rock concert, you probably don’t have an excuse to miss Mass. OTOH, if you can’t get to Mass, don’t kill yourself trying and don’t beat yourself up about it.

I once broke my arm trying to walk to Mass in an ice storm, and that was just stupid of me, not holy. It made the ambulance men drive around in the ice storm, even.

Always go to Mass when you can; don’t go when you can’t.

Remember that we are saved not as individuals, but as a community–and so the community is an important part of our faith. We need the Mass, because:

  1. It is there that we renew our contact with the full assembled Body of Christ,

  2. It is there that we hear the Word of God proclaimed and explained and are renewed in what God asks of us,

  3. It is there that we receive the Body and Blood, if we are in a state of grace, and perhaps are moved to correct matters if we are not,

  4. It is there that we see ourselves not as perfect–it’s easy to overlook our own shortcomings and those of others when on our own–but as members of a family who rub against one another, and

  5. It is there that we are brought, not into the ideal community we hope for, but the actual community God has given us.

Many other such reasons could be given–these are a few that come to mind.

Assuming you have the ability to go to mass

here is why deliberately missing mass is a mortal sin #17

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