Rosary Prayer Problem


After my bus ride, I tend to come to work really early, so I have nothing to do until my boss arrives.

I tend to pray the rosary silently on the bus or while walking, simply because if I became “ambitious” and set aside a specific prayer time in a specific place every day, I would never adhere to that schedule. I (secretly) pray when I have free time, which more often than not comes when I walk or sit on the bus. While not ideal, this seems better than nothing.

I can find no Catholic Church near my workplace (at least within a distance that I can walk, since I do not drive). A Lutheran (or Methodist, I do not recall) Church, however, lies a few blocks away from my workplace. If I really wanted a silent environment (i.e. not an environment where cars would distract me), I could go there any do my rosaries, treating the place as a house of prayer but not a house of worship.

What does everyone think?



I do not agree that you should go into a Protestant church to pray your Rosary, just to have silence. Not sure you would be welcome if a service is going on and you sit there praying a Rosary. Protestant churches are generally not open unless there is a service.:nope:

Find a bench to sit on - in a park or along the sidewalk and pray your Rosary. Cars should not distract you.:gopray:

I use a small booklet called “The Spiritual Rosary” when I pray the Rosary. Using some sort of prayer help will keep your mind focused where it should be - on the Mysteries of the Rosary and not on traffic.



If it’s open and there’s no service going on, sounds fine. I tend to just walk outside to do my praying when I need quiet.


Hi Lief and MullenPM,

Thanks a whole lot for this good counsel. I raised the issue in the confessional last Saturday (only as an issue, but not a sin) and the priest understood my situation.

From his comments, I had three takeaways:

[1] God knows our hearts.
[2] If one must pray in a non-Catholic Christian chapel in the absence of any other good options, it seems best to pray when no one else has eyes on you.
[3] Through grace, one can train himself/herself to pray in the silence of conscience, viz. enjoying a quiet discourse with God even in the midst of loud voices from the real world.


Sounds good :).


I am glad that you discussed the issue with your Priest and I am sure you will find the right path for you.



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