Rosary prayers question


My husband is so busy he isn’t able to pray with me and prays by himself now. I asked him how to pray the Rosary alone and he said the prayers become singular (pray for us sinners becomes pray for me a sinner, our Father becomes my Father, ect.) saying them in the singular seems weird. Is this the right way to do it when praying alone?


I pray the Rosary alone, and I never have changed the words to the prayers, as we are not only praying for ourselves but for others.
The "Our Father’ was given to us by Jesus to be said exactly as he taught, so I would not change anything in the prayer.

I believe the prayers for the Rosary are complete like they are, and there is no need to change anything about them regardless if we are alone or with many.


Thank you very much for clearing that up for me :slight_smile:


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