Rosary Question - Counter-Clockwise or Clockwise?

I have seen much literature that has the first mystery start on the left side of the Rosary (if you are facing it) and you move clockwise. I have seen a fewer pieces of literature that start at the right and move counter-clockwise? Is there a correct way to do this. I seem to find it most natural to start on the right and move counter-clockwise…but if this is not the prescribed way, I do not want to keep reinforcing that practice.

There IS no ‘prescribed’ way in which to use the beads, any more than there is a ‘prescribed’ language that you must pray in.

The Rosary is a private devotion, and the beads are merely ways of keeping track of the prayers. If you feel most comfortable starting in the middle, then you are free to do so.

By the way, I also go counterclockwise and have done all my life - doesn’t make it right or wrong.

Whichever way is most comfortable. It may depend whether you are right- or left-handed.

I go counterclockwise, but if you live in the UK, there is an indult to go the other direction. (Yes, I’m joking about the idult!)


I’m pretty sure I go counterclockwise, because that seems “most natural” but I’m sure it makes absolutely no difference.

Hmm, you’re Brit, I’m Australian - I wonder if it’s like the driving on the left hand side of the road thing?

By the way, when WILL we all see sense and start driving on the right? It’s just ridiculous.

Bite your tongue, Lily. I’m an American of Scottish ancestry. Oddly enough, I prefer Marmite to Vegemite, though. :wink:


That sounds about right for a Scot actually… Vegemite is one of those regional specialities that it seems only Aussies can get into.

I can’t believe I didn’t see the big ol’ ‘Location: USA’ on your profile though :blush:

Maybe the Coriolis effect has something to do with it… being northern or southern hemisphere :smiley:


sorry it’s late and I have a really bad headache and I’m sleepy but can’t fall asleep cause of my head.:frowning:

Clockwise is my preference.

Now, think about this. If you are praying the Rosary your normal way, but then move around your Rosary(keeping it stationary) to the other side you are now praying the Rosary in the opposite direction.

God bless

It doesn’t matter if you move the beads clockwise or widdershins. The real issue is: do you pull the beads inward toward your palm or push them outward away from your palm? ‘Cause you just know one way is right and the other way is wrong and I aint sayin’ which! :wink:

OK, I’m gonna start mixing it up from now on - I’m using those beads every which crazy way I can think of - backwards, forwards, clockwise, counterclockwise, pulling them towards me, pushing 'em away, hanging upside down from the ceiling like a bat - it don’t matter. :whacky:

As the Great Apostle said in 2nd Oklahomaisus 4:3-4 (RSV-CE), “Blessed is the one who pulleth his beads toward his heart, as yay verily the LORD hath commanded us to do. Cursed is he who follows the sin of Onan’s cousin Jerry, and pusheth ye beads, like unto the heathen and the eaters of Vegemite.”


And as OUR Great Apostle said in the Book of Didjeridoo 5:28 - ‘Yo’ mama!’ ’ :stuck_out_tongue:


Suppose I am a clockwiser. I start the Rosary, nod off to sleep, and my Guardian Angel kindly finishes it off for me. If Angel is a counter-clockwiser, does Angel undo what I have already done, thus leaving the entire Rosary unprayed? :confused:

Do you have any idea how much trouble your Guardian Angel is in for not knowing which way you go round your Rosary beads? :wink:

I pray the Rosary clockwise.


Hmmmm… :hmmm: This is an interesting question.

I’ve never heard any “rule” on a specific direction, when praying the Rosary. But, I usually go counter clockwise. I’m right handed and this seems the most natural direction for me.

Perhaps this could be a “right handed/left handed” thing <with “Lefties” praying clockwise>?

God bless.

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