Rosary question for me to know

What is purpose of saying rosary ?
Necessary to get to heaven ??

No, praying the Rosary isn’t necessary to get into heaven.

The purpose of the Rosary is it is prayer and meditation which helps a person grow closer to God.

The Rosary is a very contemplative prayer, but for most begins as just verbal prayers. Eventually the soul learns that the Hail Mary’s serve more as a compass needle in returning the soul toward the mystery they are meditating on.

The Rosary has a richness that takes time to experience


The rosary is a form of prayer. Prayer is necessary for sanctity. Have you developed a prayer life? The rosary could be a good way to cultivate a budding prayer life.


The rosary can help reduce your time in purgatory. The Jesus Prayer is another great devotion


For me it is how.i work on contemplation. Meditating on each mystery sometimes gives me a perspective on that mystery that I have never had before.

All types of prayer are important, the rosary helps to discipline your mind from wandering away.

No, not necessary to get to heaven. But strongly encouraged, by many Popes and by Mary herself in her apparitions. With so much encouragement from high places, it should be seriously considered as an important daily prayer.

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It’s our weapon against the demonic and a mighty tool to convert the world.

The rosary is a weapon in our hands with which we can overcome the devil’s attacks.

St. Padre Pio

It is mainly to expand the kingdom of Christ that we look to the rosary for the most effective help.
Pope Leo XIII

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Hello duneman,

The purpose of praying the rosary brings many graces to the person or person’s praying in community for God’s will be done.
On a Mystical level, the 15 mysteries of Holy Rosary when contemplated in prayer fulfill the law and the prophets.
On a Theological level, praying the Holy Rosary defeats error, opens oneself to heavens message both on personal and or public level of understanding faith, in short praying the Rosary is a door that allows access to commune with the blessed Trinity of God’s Presence on earth as it is in heaven.
The Rosary is a simple prayer for those who lack in faith and for those praying Mystics in the Catholic faith. The Holy Rosary prepares the faithful before meeting with God’s Presence at every Mass. The Rosary is not necessary to get to heaven, but the Rosary can be a praying tool that helps us grow in our baptismal faith.
Peace be with you

20 mysteries

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Thank you, I stand corrected. The Luminous Mysteries were added to the traditional mysteries. All of them are divinely revealed.
Joyous, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous Mysteries.

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