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On the crucifix, is it okay to say the Nicene creed rather than the Apostle’s? Im just more familiar with it from mass, thats all!



Yes! :slight_smile:


In the privacy of your own devotions, you can pray the Rosary any way you want. Just keep in mind though that if you ever decide to pray with a group or someone else it might get confusing for you (and confusing for others in a group if you are praying different prayers than them!)

Also make sure that if you are teaching others to say the Rosary (like a child or someone who asks you to teach them) it’s best to teach them the conventional way for the above reasons.


I know that it’s acceptable for Eastern Christians to say the customary form of the Angelic Salutation and Glory used in their sui juris churches.

And since the Apostles’ Creed is not used in the Byzantine tradition, I should think it would be acceptable to use the Nicene Creed.

That’s what I do.


If this helps:

I can only pray a full rosary as prescribed, when i am praying with a group or another person. When I try to pray alone I wind up praying about 150 Hail Mary’s a few Our Fathers and maybe, sometimes the other prayers. I tend to meditate so long on one mystery that I loose myself in it. Father said that was ok but that I should try to pray with a group once in a while…:blush:
Good advice because I only know the sorrowful mysteries by heart.:shrug:


I have trouble praying in a group as well, but for me, it’s the timing. Praying out loud is almost unbearable, some people are behind, others ahead, and oftentimes it seems racing to reach the end so they can get on with their lives! When I pray, I like to do so with conviction! I like the words to have meaning, and weight! When I meditate on a mystery, I wan’t to meditate, not recite it and then get on with the decade!


I get that…same here. Sometimes we do things that are hard for us to do and in doing that, we acquire something that it is, that we need, that we don’t realize we need at the time. (does that make sense?) It could be patience, fortitude… we have to overcome our weaknesses by doing those things that are difficult. God knows your heart. He knows where you stand, but there is always more.

When I pray with a group, now, find it to be a good thing because I can actually get through an entire rosary,
There are 2 ways I do this:

  1. I speak loud enough to hear my voice so I am not distracted by those going faster or slower. The leader will usually wait for the last one to finish but as a courtesy to others who feel the need to pray at lightening speed, I pray without hesitation, normal speed and loud.

  2. SOmetimes if I am feeling very meditative, I dont speak at all. I am in my own world but I am still taking part as I am there.

Like I stated, God knows your heart, nothing else matters.:signofcross:



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