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I am wondering about the crucifix on my rosary. Compared to the representations of Christ I have seen on other crucifixes with Christ’s head on the right – on my crucifix, it is on the left. Does anyone know if there is a correct vs. incorrect way to represent Christ on the cross? I seem to recall that being on the right is the “correct” and traditional way (towards the good thief) - but now I’m not certain.


It cannot be imagined that while hanging on the cross Jesus’ head was always at the right side. His head, while still alive, must have moved from left to right or right to left and back. So, your crucifix had it while Jesus’ head was yet at the left side. In other words, it doesn’t make a difference.


I never noticed it, until you mentioned it and all my crucifixs are on the right, my guess is the production company are non-Catholic and couldn’t care if it is right or left as long as it is saleable?


Or they keep production costs down by having only one pattern for making the crucifix, rather than the two they would need for a different position.


After researching more into this, I have noticed that there are multiple ways Christ is positioned on the cross - His head left, right, bowed forward, looking up, eyes opened, eyes closed, etc.

I also discovered another antique crucifix in my home with His head to the left, which I recall I purchased from a Catholic woman who specialized in acquiring Catholic art from Germany. I looked at my wedding photos, and also saw that the giant crucifix to the side of the Altar has Christ facing left. There is also a church in France where He is towards the left, and a famous drawing by Michelangelo in the British Museum in London depicts Him facing leftward.


The approximate position of Our Lord’s Head… at the moment of His death… is recorded in just one of the four Gospels. St. John tells us…

“When Jesus had taken the wine, He said, “It is finished.” And bowing His Head, He handed over the spirit.” (John 19:30).

But it doesn’t specify Our Lord’s Head… either to the right or to the left. It just tells us, that He bowed His Head. Most crucifixes do seem to incline Jesus’ Head to the right… but I think either way is appropriate. Like the others who have replies… I’ve seen a couple different variations.

Hope this helps. God bless.


That would actually imply his head was bent forward straight down which might make sense as that would be a more natural position at death (when head and neck go limp) and not to the side.


But I guess some sculptures simply wanted to portray specific aspect of Jesus while still alive and hanging on the cross.


Logically speaking, this is probably so “thistle”. Good observation!


Interesting question…
i suspect there is good reason for it. Tradition is my guess, but not tradition without reason. As we know, there is much that happened that was not recorded in the bible…Veronica’s Vail I believe is one such example…here is another…

In the movie “The Passion Of The Christ”…they had to dislocate his shoulder - this from what i understand, wasn’t just to add drama to the movie, (notes from St.Catherine’s memo’s used by Mel Gibson?) If the right shoulder was dislocated that would seem to explain the slight tilt to the right of Jesus’s head.

I think thats why!


I think you mean Blessed (not saint) Anne Catherine Emmerich which Mel Gibson used.
You have to remember that what she said is not necessarily accurate and the Church does not say that even if the messages are deemed worthy of belief by the Church. It means they do not contradict Church doctrine. However there is no Church doctrine on how Christ was crucified (apart from being nailed to a cross) or the position of his head after he dies.

For example the messages of Blessed Anne Emmerich and St Bridget are both approved by the Church but in matters unrelated to doctrine they contradict each other and obviously both cannot be correct:

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich saw only three nails being used and Christ being nailed to the cross while it was upon the ground.

St Bridget beheld Christ being nailed to the cross while it was upright and in place, and she saw four nails being used to fasten his hands and feet.


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