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I love to prayer the rosary, i pray it several times a day. 5 decades at a time. sometimes i pray by the schedule other times i pray whatever set of mysteries i feel called to reflect on is this ok ? also am i allowed to pray several rosaries throught the day for different intentions, like if i pray a set of mysteries for a good test grade, and then pray another set later in the day for a friend . Is this ok ?
I love the rosary and our Blessed mother and am so anxious to enter into the church .

Yes, the way you pray the rosary is fine. I also love to pray the rosary. If you start from the joyful mystery, goes to the luminous, followed by the sorrowful and the glorious mystery, you are walking through the life of Jesus from incarnation to resurrection. If time allows and you do it in this sequence all together, it gives you a very complete meditation on our Lord’s life.

Rosary is a very powerful prayer, keep up the good work. Welcome to CAF and my best wishes for your RCIA class.

Hi Taylor,

God bless you and I’m so glad to hear you are starting your RCIA journey soon.

I pray the Rosary every day/night and am thankful for the gift of the Rosary and its prayers.

God bless,

1 thessalonians 5 17

And all the above you listed is fantastic.

God bless you!

I’m also starting RCIA in August. I love to pray the rosary also and often I pray the mysteries is order but recently I’ve noticed something different happening. Initially, I was concentrating so hard one “the words” and memorization, that I was was worried as to “how” I was ever going to meditate on the mysteries.

But over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that with practice it’s actually coming. Now I’m finding that I can say it and actually contemplate the myteries, and actually pray other prayers also. God truly is answering my prayers!

He’s answering your prayers also. Together we’re blessed to have found Him, and now join the Church.

Yes , we are very blessed. I also found it hard at first, but once i learned the prayers, meditating on the mysteries is easier. Another thing i learned was it you want to focus on the words, is just spending a few minuets before the prayers meditating on the mystery.
God Bless you

Thanks so much. That is a GREAT tip, I can’t wait to try. Bless you, from the newbee’s!!

I, too, pray the rosary often throughout the day. Sounds like what you are doing is wonderful! :slight_smile:

I am going through RCIA this fall. I am a mother of three children under 5…so I don’t have a lot of free time. However, I pray when I can. Is it ok to pray one decade at a time, or should it all be prayed together. Also, if I am able to I listen to ICatholic Radio’s live broadcast of the rosary…or another podcast through Laudate. Is this ok?

Of course you can pray whichever mysteries your heart is directing you to. The Church gave guidelines to help you, not to bind you. If you feel called to reflect on certain mysteries at different times, go for it. The rosary is a sacramental which means the regulations placed on it are somewhat lax. That being said, the Church assigned the mysteries to various days for a reason, so I would recommend at least trying to pray the mysteries as assigned, at least for a little while, to see if you receive any special graces you weren’t aware of because of it.

God bless, and remember me when you are praying all of those rosaries :slight_smile:

I love the Luminous Mysteries, but have always had the nagging feeling that they should come in chronological order. Why, why, are they just in the middle of nowhere, displacing a Joyful and mixing up a Sorrowful?:banghead:

I solve it, of course, by saying all four sets of mysteries almost daily. In the ‘proper’ order. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is perfectly fine. Don’ t think of the rosary as rules. Pray it as how you are drawn to it. One decade devoutly prayed is better than entire rosay rushed. Maybe say a prayer with your children.

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