Rosary question.

If I follow one of mother Angelica’s rosary episodes, do I only say the responses that the other sisters are saying, or do I have to also say what mother Angelica is saying?

It’s really up to you. But AFAIK it’s more common to just make the responses with the sisters

When the rosary is led in Church the leader says the first part and the rest respond; that is
enough unless you care to do more.
Mary Mother of God,
pray for us!

It doesn’t matter. Do whatever you need to do to stay focused on the mystery.

thank you, I was wondering because it’s a video and not people sitting with me that I’m following.

When I watch Mother Anglic,I say the first part that she saids in my mine,than I say the rest with the people.

Thank you to johnnyt3000 for asking the question, and to all those who’ve answered!

I’m beginning a journey that I feel will lead me to becoming Catholic, and I’ve been learning to pray the rosary with print sources, and occasionally with Mother Angelica. I wasn’t quite sure what to do either. Bless you all for your help!

If it is in your heart to please God, there is really no wrong way to pray.

Another thought- use a scriptural rosary. It’s a bible verse per bead. This helps me focus on the mystery. Here’s a good one:

Very helpful! Thank you, mo7! :thumbsup:

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