Rosary question...

Ok. Forgive me. This is kind of a strange question… and I’m not trying to change tradition or anything like that. I enjoy praying the Rosary as it is, this is just something I pondered the other day and decided to ask here.

I got this from wikipedia…

“Prayers with beads like the rosary may have begun as a practice by the laity to imitate the monastic Liturgy of the Hours, during the course of which the monks prayed the 150 Psalms daily.[2] As many of the laity and even lay monastics could not read, they substituted 150 repetitions of the Our Father (Pater noster in Latin) for the Psalms, sometimes using a cord with knots on it to keep an accurate count.[1]”

If this is the case then why don’t we pray the 150 psalms now that we have printed books and can afford printed material and that most people can read. ?

I think it would be good for every Catholic to be familiar with the Psalms. I had read before once that every Jewish boy in Jesus’s day would have to know these by heart and that certainly Jesus would have known them when he was growing up. I suppose it would take too much time to recite them daily, but there are so many gems of wonderful wisdom in them, I don’t understand why we have not gone back to that practice. Does anyone know if there are any monasteries that do still read the psalms every day like this wikipedia article states? I’d like to know how they prayed on the beads, or if the bead arrangement was different than what it is now for the traditional rosary.

I don't like asking all that because it seems like I'm looking to get away from saying the traditional rosary, but that's simply not true.   I would miss it.  Plus, it would seem that would be going against the Blessed Mother, since it was she who gave it to St. Dominic to spread the devotion.   

I don’t know. What do you all think? I’d appreciate the input.

The Rosary evolved over hundreds of years. It’s different now than it was back then. So, I think the best we can do re Psalms and the Rosary is pray the Rosary as it is done now and learn the Psalms separately.

The Psalms are a large part of the Liturgy of the Hours. If you would like to start incorporating them into your prayer life, perhaps starting to pray one (or more) of the hours would be a way to do that. See for more info.

Here’s an article from the EWTN site that might give you more info.

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