Rosary Question.

When praying the Rosary do you close your eyes at all?


Sometimes, yes, and sometimes, no. It depends on where I am while I am saying the Rosary.

I close my eyes the whole time and try to picture the mystery that I am on. It is just my personal preference.

Sometimes I do.

It wouldn’t be a good idea for me to close my eyes when I say various decades of the Rosary a/c I’m usually walking to public transportation – to Mass , etc. – my Rosary goes everywhere with me becauswe it’s a beautiful one and sent to me from France from my granddaughter!!!

Not normally.

Not when I’m driving:eek:–but, yeah, some other times.

Yep, all the time, but my wife says it freaks her out when I’m praying the rosary while driving. :smiley:

I actually close my eyes when praying in general; even at mass. It helps me block out distractions.

I often pray it while driving. closing my eyes would be frowned upon…

At home, sometimes. Helps visualize. I often fall asleep saying it as well. Calms my frustrations with teaching science to high school kids.

But if your eyes are closed, you would not see those that are frowning…at least I do not see their frowns while I am praying…:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a very individual thing. I usually do, BUT if you are tired, bad idea! :stuck_out_tongue: And I totally agree that it’s an even worse idea to do so when driving!!! :eek:

Very true. Not sure you want now and the hour of your death to be the same instant. :wink:

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