Rosary recommendations

I am interested in purchasing a rosary on cd to play in the car on the way to school this year for the kids. Do you have one you really like? I have one right now from Angelina but it bothers me. She prays much too slow and does a lot of talking inbetween the decades.

Thanks, Judee

People often like Mark Mallet. I am sure you can find his CDs at his website or amazon etc.

He is a faith filled zealous apostle of Christ.

I myself prefer saying the rosary without music.

I enjoy Fr. Groeschel’s Rosary, available from EWTN. Takes about 30 minutes.

My kids’ school put out a CD with children saying the rosary. You can download it at . I think kids like it because it is other children saying it.

The Rosary on cd from the Mary Foundation is excellent. It takes about 17 minutes, plus there are other tracks with the Divine Mercy Chaplet & other various prayers. I use it on my way home from work on the light rail.

Check out my link in my signature. I ripped this to my iPod and listen to it every night before bed. I split it up into 4 playlists 30-35min long depending on the day of the week/year.

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