rosary repair

I have a rosary which I got and it is broken. I use a staple to fix the one broken link.

Are there any places that can repair rosaries in the north suburbs of cook county, Illinois?

If so, how much do they charge?

I imagine that most jewelers could repair it.

There are several folks online who do repairs, you can check Etsy.

I make rosaries and repair them. I repair for free, the only thing a customer has to pay is postage and that’s a small amount.

I realize that you would prefer to have it repaired locally. :slight_smile: But if you don’t find anything, just send me a pm here and I’ll be most happy to help you.

gh4, Yes, I think most jewelers will do it. I took mine to a local jeweler, and he charged me nothing to repair it … it took him only a few seconds to do … he told me to just remember him when I needed something else.:slight_smile:

Bob, If you’re concerned about the cost, you could always ask for an estimate up front, before they do the work. Mine was just a matter of repairing one link, so it was quick and easy.

you could also check with your local parish, ours has someone that repairs them…

Ive also got a rosary that needs repair. The trouble is its antique and one of the beads are missing. I think its gutta percha and I havent a clue who would be able to repair it:(

Oh my gosh! I’m in the north suburbs of cook county, Illinois an can fix it for you.
I would charge 1 Hail Mary and 1 Our Father.

I’ll send you a PM

You might be able to find a replacement bead using ebay and other online bead stores. Once you have a replacement bead, you can take it to the jeweller to fix it. After that, you can always get it reblessed since you have replaced the bead. You can also look for broken rosaries online and use one of those beads to fix it as well. The possibilities are endless.


Great price. PM answered :slight_smile:

AWESOME rosary repair:

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