Rosary should we say it?

Is it important to say rosary ?

A rosary, like many other prayers or devotionals, are not essential to your salvation, if that’s what you mean. However, considering the rosary was given to St. Dominic by Our Lady, and that other apparitions of Our Lady have greatly encouraged it (specifically Fatima), I would say it’s important to say it, especially if it bears fruit inside of you.
I would definitely recommend it, it’s an incredibly poweful devotional.


Praying the mysteries and fruits of the Rosary is Awesome!

If you want life to be more awesome, it is important to pray the Rosary!

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Yes, it is hard to overestimate how spiritually fruitful is regular rosary prayer.


It’s not a sin to not pray the Rosary by any means but it is an incredibly powerful prayer and I would encourage every Catholic to pray it.


This is a Catholic forum. Don’t be surprised if the people here do not agree with Protestant notions of intercessory prayer.


Oh, do you think Catholics know nothing of Scripture? Or that the rosary contradicts Scripture?
You’d be wrong in both cases.



But it is important to pray it

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I’ve been pondering the same thing. Our Lady asked us to pray it. I don’t get much out of it, which is fine, I realize it’s not dependent on feelings, but I’m wondering if it helps us grow in holiness etc. I came to the conclusion that I should pray it daily for a month or two and then evaluate. Have you spent time consistently praying it?

I use the break between the decades to question Mary, to learn from her; sometimes a person needs to say the same answer over and over until I finally understand them. Here I described my talks with Mary during the Rosary: , and she keeps teaching me much more.


I would never discourage someone from any form of prayer, but the rosary is one form of many - and if another form suits you better, do that. The most important prayer is the one where your heart speaks to God’s and vice versa. “Cor ad cor loquitur…” or something like that sounds vaguely familiar. :wink:

May you find the way to do that which works for you (be it a rosary, the Liturgy of the Hours, adoration, or some other devotion).

I would challenge you to find the Rosary in Scripture.
Let us know where you find.

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The Mysteries we meditate on are in Sacred Scripture.

So, is the first part of the Hail Mary. And no one knew Jesus as well as she did and does!
It is like taking her hand and she is with us as we walk through the holy mysteries.

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Oh, what a topic…“Rosary should we say it?”
The Rosary…how can I describe it…this brought tears to my eyes…cause I love Praying the Rosary…early in the morning…by candlelight! I also added a prayer for Mother Mary to deliver me from danger and receive me at the hour of my death…
I have been looking online for an Antique Rosary that is metal and Catholic…I found one! I looked closely at it cause it had initials inscribed on the back of the Crucifix and a date. I was astonished that the date is the same as my Birthday! According to the date, it is 94 years old and made out of metal but does not specify stainless steel. It has twelve religious metals! I was trying to correspond with the seller but he was very vague in his answers. I prayed about it and decided it was meant for me! I have it and will get it Blessed by my Parish Priest. I absolutely love it! Though it is not Blessed yet, I did say a Rosary to it’s previous owner…Amen :pensive:


Our Lady told the children of the Fatima apparitions to say the rosary everyday.

There are also many many promises of blessings attached to the daily rosary which I can attest to.

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Yes, and yes, and also, yes.

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