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The Rosary has been a huge influence in my life and I want to start a thread on how the Holy Rosary has shaped our lives and share these stories together.

For me, the biggest shaping the Rosary has done for me, beyond leading me home into the Church; is that it provides a spiritual anchor and go to in my life as my chief devotion. I’ve heard it said that the Rosary is Our Lady’s Psalter and I believe it and live it. Religious pray the LOTH; I pray the Rosary.

What the Rosary does for me is that it grounds me daily in the shared life of Our Lord and Our Lady; fortifying my soul in contemplating the Mysteries. As well as teaching me how to focus and to underline my actions with prayer. Going about, doing what I’m doing; with prayer underlining everything.

I’m a believer in the Fatima Apparitions and I try to live out that spirituality: Daily Rosary and reparations for sins.

My favorite Mysteries are the Sorrowful Mysteries. I love contemplating Our Lord’s Passion and how He handled it: Simply remaining intent on doing the Father’s Will and offering up His sufferings on our behalf to the Father. In fact: One of my favorite Gospel scenes is the Agony in the Garden. It amply shows me what sin cost Our Lord, His humanity in asking the Father if this cup could pass but He stayed focused on Your Will be done, not My Own. To me, that was the quintessential moment of how I can relate to Our Lord.


Thank you for starting this thread!

The Rosary has been very helpful in my life in so many ways. And now we have twenty mysteries to meditate on! In my teens I learned about Our Lady of Fatima. Rosary devotions on First Saturdays were very big in most of the parishes I belonged to.

In many parishes in my area the Rosary is said before Mass. In my parish it is said after Mass, with those who can join us.

At First Friday adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, which we have every month, the Rosary is said silently by individuals who wish to pray with it.

When families pray the Rosary together that is very powerful!


You’re very welcome, Dorothy.

I’m glad the Rosary has been a big help for you as well. I personally would love to do the First Friday and First Saturday devotions. At the parish I was received into the Church in; we prayed the Rosary every day before Mass. In fact: The Confessional was right next by and people in line for Confession could hear the Rosary being prayed.

I thought that was a powerful experience.

Something I didn’t mention. I met my fiancé after praying a Rosary novena for a woman who loves me, understands me and accepts me. Then, that December; we met on :heart:

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So, Dorothy: What’s your favorite Mysteries?

An exorcist said that Satan told him, that “each Hail Mary is like a blow to my head. If Christians knew the power of the Rosary, it would be my end.”

The supernatural power of the rosary draws me to it. My priest also pointed out to me that it is a very humbling exercise and I agree.


I read that too. I believe it was in Fr Amorth’s An Exorcist Tells His Story. Another reason to pray Hail Marys. I remember praying a Rosary once for someone undergoing an exorcism. As I was praying, I kept hearing the words: “ Stop praying! “ going over and over in my head.

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Michael, all the mysteries are my favorites! And thanks for sharing about praying a Rosary novena and meeting your future wife!

It is good to know that we can pray whatever mysteries we choose to…it doesn’t have to be specific mysteries on specific days. That is a good suggestion, though, to make sure we have a variety.

When I look back on my life I can see so many times where our Blessed Mother guided me with the help of the Rosary, and brought others back to the sacraments as well as myself in my twenties. My husband had a happy death after his bout with cancer, and he did not complain about his illness. He was indifferent to the faith for many years, and began to change when he got the diagnosis of cancer. He died six and a half years after that.
His illness was a blessed journey for both of us. We were married for 41 years and had eight children.


The rosary has been a very helpful prayer tool for me. Many times I ran out of words to say, and sometimes, I don’t know what to pray for anymore. With the Rosary, I don’t need to worry any of that. I just say… “Lord GOD and Mother Mary, You know what’s in my heart, what I need, and what my intentions are, I present them all to You as I pray the Rosary. Graciously hear my prayer.”

My favourite is the Glorious, cos’ it signifies victory over death, new beginning, and new life filled with hope. However, if I would have to choose only one particular mystery, that’ll be the “Miracle in the Wedding at Cana” - The 2nd Luminous Mystery, because that’s where my long awaited dream has been realised. I was able to witness GOD’s divine miracle unveiled to me through the intercession of the Blessed Mother. I’ll be forever grateful to Them. Praise GOD for He is good!


“I remember praying a Rosary once for someone undergoing an exorcism. As I was praying, I kept hearing the words: “ Stop praying! “ going over and over in my head.”

So, did you stop?! Lol!

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Heck no!! I kept going and I finished; thank God!!


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The Rosary is a precious companion on my conversion path : contemplating the Mysteries with our Blessed Mother as a gentle teacher, seeing the fruits of her intercession appear in my life. I pray the Rosary daily, but is what I particularly turn to when the struggle becomes painful, asking Mary to take me under her mantle and help me look to Christ only.


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