Rosary--The Comforting Mysteries?

While reading the Wikipedia entry on the Rosary, I came upon a reference to The Comforting Mysteries:

Various other “mysteries” exist; in the German-speaking countries a fifth set of mysteries has been popular since the 1920s, the so-called “Comforting Mysteries”, which have an eschatological dimension, meditating Christ as Universal King

I’ve looked all over the internet and I can’t find anything on this fifth set of mysteries. Does anyone know them? Where do they fit in?

I’ve not heard of this particular devotion, but many people do choose to meditate on mysteries beyond the most common 20. I’ve known people who meditate on the opening chapters of Genesis, for example, or events from the life of some saint they admire. :slight_smile:

Rosary prayer should be Christ centered. The Vatican approved the 20 mysteries that can be used for public prayer. It is obvious because the 20 approved mysteries are all to do with Christ.

The Vatican also approved Divine Mercy devotion, which is also Christ centered.

However, that should not stop you using “other” mysteries that can help you to be closer with Christ as long as you do so in private. The Scripture is full of God’s mysteries and if you find anything that makes Christ to live within you, I am pretty sure you won’t get any letter from Rome to stop what you are doing.

God Bless.

Hi Paco!

I am from Germany and you are right, there is another set of mysteries here which is called the Comforting Mysteries. They are found in the official song and prayer book that is used for Mass (hence approved by the bishops) and that Catholics usually have at home. They are, however, not seen as “equal” compared to the other four sets of mysteries but are often mentioned, usually with a note, encouraging people to pray them and/or make up new mysteries. I have not prayed them yet because I like to picture myself in the scene or watch it being played out like a movie and I find that to be hard with these mysteries because they are not events out of the gospel but events that took place afterwards and have yet to happen. I did, however, followed the advice and made up a few other mysteries for myself and praying these was great. Mostly I just stick to the four official sets of mysteries, though.

In German speaking countries it is common to insert the mystery in the middle of the Hail Mary, after Jesus. Like …Jesus, who was crucified for us,…

The comforting mysteries are:

  1. …Jesus, who reigns as king…
  2. …Jesus, who lives and acts in His Church,…
  3. …Jesus, who will return in glory, …
  4. …Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, …
    5 …Jesus, who will complete everything, …

Hope that helped! :slight_smile:

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It does not say that anymore! :wink:

My family is German and my Dad told me about these “apocryphal” mysteries. :slight_smile: Actually they are completely Christocentric and orthodox; just not a part of the officially approved Rosary.
In November I will pray them (in German) every Sunday as a private devotion. They suit this part of the liturgical year. I don’t pray them at all during the rest of the year, though.

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