Rosary - when?

Was just wondering when you pray the rosary? Are you a morning, evening, or middle of the day person? Do you pray it while walking or driving, or do you set aside some time to sit and pray it at home?

I find it far easier to pray the Rosary in church, before or after Mass. So that would usually be late morning, or Saturday evening before a vigil Mass.

i pray the rosary in the morning. either while exercising along w/EWTN Father Pacwa Holy Land Rosary or in the car to the Still Waters CD while commuting to work

I pray it either in the morning while walking to class, or in the evening outside in seclusion

Lately it’s been mid-afternoon, for something to do to take a much needed break away from my pc at work.
I used to pray the rosary on long car drives but I noticed it’s easy for me to forget to watch my speed limit doing so and I can’t afford to keep getting speeding tickets.

6 am on drive to work, 3 pm on drive home, maybe another if I have trouble falling asleep.

Sometimes in church, mostly at night in bed.

I work shifts so it tends to be whenever I get a suitable opportunity! Mostly at home. Mid-afternoons when I’m on morning shift, mid-morning when I’m on afternoons, lunchtime when I’m on nights. On Saturdays I go to confession most Saturday mornings , the church is usually open for an hour before confessions start so I spend some time before the Blessed Sacrament and pray the Rosary then. Sundays, whenever is best.

I pray the Rosary every day – it was sent to me by my granddaughter when she was in France – I carry it everywhere. I pray the first 2 decades with my first cup of coffee – the rest of the decades when I’m walking to Church or walking to public transportation – the last decade I pray before I turn out the light at night – it keepsme gong and I don’t think I could get through the day without it.

Most frequently I pray it in the evening, about an hour before bed. I also tend to pray it Fridays when I’m in front of the Blessed Sacrament for my weekly hour of adoration.

I do occasionally pray it while walking the dogs or occasionally just after Mass while still in Church.

I attend a daily morning Mass at my Parish at which we pray the Rosary before all the Masses. I also pray my daily Rosary before my LOTH Night Prayer before I go to sleep.

I have always been an evening Rosary person, but lately I have been waking up about 15 or 20 minutes early, so I am starting to pray it in the morning, which is good as I was a little erratic in the evenings.

I guess God has a good handle on budge theory :slight_smile:

I prefer to do it at church after Mass, but if I cant make it to Mass one day, I will find a quite place at home and do it sometime in the early afternoon.

I am trying to pray it daily. I wish Mary would answer my prayers!

Evening, before Compline. During Lent, I try to do the Sorrowful Mysteries every day at 3pm, but I don’t always get the chance.

All of the above.

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