can anyone tell me if you are suppose to say the sorrowful mysteries on all days during lent except sunday?

It’s an option.
Since the Rosary is an optional devotion for most, the way one prays it can vary.
Some people pray the Joyous on Mon and Thurs, Sorrowful Tues and Fri, Glorious Wed and Sat., Luminous every Sun.
Some people pray Joyous on Mon and Sat, Sorrowful Tues and Fri, Glorious Wed and Sun, Luminous every Thurs.
Subsetting from those,
Some people pray the Joyous on Advent Sundays, Sorrowful Lenten Sundays, Glorious all other yearly Sundays. Some add Luminous to Solemnities. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Some people say the entire 15 or 20 decade Rosary every day. Some say only a decade a day.

If you choose to pray the Sorrowful throughout Lent (and whatever else you choose on the Sun), it’s a perfectly valid and viable and loving choice. God bless you.

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