I teach in a public school and three of my girls in my 5th grade class brought a rosary to school and set it on their desk. It was so sweet and these days I am delighted to see faith in our youth! I didn’t get to visit with the girls about their rosaries, but wondered if there is a reason they all had the same one. Is it typical for 5th graders to get a rosary at about this age? Just wondering…

It could be that they celebrated their first Eucharist. Usually the parents or church give the children a rosary or scapular, or both. I’m not sure when kids recieve their first Eucharist but I think I recieved about that time.

5th grade doesn’t seem to connect with anything. I know that I received first communion in grade 2 (most did by grade 3 I think) and confirmation in grade 6. Although you never know, the normal ages could could be different where you are.

Was this around 3pm? This Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday and there is a novena going on this week. 3pm, the hour when Our Lord died, is called the hour of mercy. Maybe they are in the same CCD class and have been taught about the chaplet/novena this week?

First Communion is the US is typically around age 7, and confirmation around 8th grade or so.

I can’t think of anything that is typically done in the fifth grade in all parishes but here are some guesses…

It’s possible there was some event which was unique to the parish that these girls belong to. Maybe it was some kind of Easter gift.

Maybe these girls all happened to be baptized and/or received into the Catholic Church at Easter and were given rosaries.

Perhaps fifth graders are preparing for confirmation and the rosaries are somehow related to that preparation.

That’s bold of them to do in a Public school these days. Good for them! As a PP said, it’s a Novena week so that’s very possibly why.


Whatever their reason, Bless these little ones !!!
What God has hidden from the ‘wise’ He reveals to the lowly little ones !
We are ALL children before our God.
Some things we forget so easily as we grow ‘wiser’.
Some things we learn So Slowly !

perhaps they all celebrated first communion at the same parish and were given identical rosaries or received them from family in those communion kits, usually white or crystal

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