My priest gave me a purity prayer to pray I am also thinking about taking up the rosary. Would the rosary help with all the vices and help develop all virtues like humility and chastity?

I think praying the rosary will help still the mind, encourage growth in prayer, help focus on our Lord and the gospels and Our Lady. These help strengthen faith and help us combat temptation…


Skype Rosary?


Devotion to Our Lady is the best and simplest way to replace the vices with the opposite virtues, especially chastity.

I particularly recommend prayer before an icon or statue of Our Lady. Fall in love with her purity, and you will be shielded from many evils of this world of darkness. Imitate her humbleness, and you will be great amidst the little ones of Christ. And remember that Our Lady, filled with the fullness of the Holy Spirit, was perhaps the simplest person who ever lived.

I suggest you read “Story of a Soul” by the Doctor of the Church St. Therese of Lisieux. Her little way has led many to not only great holiness, but even…to the honor of the altars :slight_smile:

Here is a site that gives the meditations and intentions of each decade of the rosary, along with the two ways it is recited.


Yes!!! The Rosary … It can change lives and help with your needs … also may I suggest the Chaplet of St Michael? It is wonderful and gives you the protection and aid of St Micheal and all the choirs of Angels :slight_smile:

The saint you mentioned above. Was she one of the ones whose body is on display because it has never decayed?

Yes, most certainly, i speak from experience

Yes it will help you in all your needs. Very simple, profound prayer. :smiley:

There are some saints whose bodies remain incorrupt through the centuries. The little flower s. Therese of Lisieux is not among them, however.

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