How Many Decades of the Rosary do you pray each day?

5 when I pray the Rosary. I’ve rather fallen out of the practice of praying it daily. :frowning:

Couldn’t vote, not enough options. Usually 1 before I fall asleep, I try for 5 but rarely make it.

My wife and I try to pray 5 decades every night, with the kids if possible, but with all that we do during that day, sometimes it gets tough.

I know, I know, no excuses.

I voted 5 decades. After lunch at work, I close my office door and pray the Rosary. My co-workers know what I’m doing and don’t bother me or pass on any phone calls.

On some days I pray between 10-20 decades but 5 decades is my committment to my Beloved Lady of The Rosary.

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