When one prays the Rosary, there are overlapping mysteries. Which ones trump? i.e. Luminous Mysteries are to be said “every” Thursday yet when Lent season comes along you are asked to pray the Sorrowful Myteries “every” day? I’m confused. Any answers?


I know I have heard this also, I will tell you what I do. During lent and advent I will say the mysteries that are being asked, ie; lent - sorrowful, advent - joyful, every day but I will also say another rosary that is asked for the day of the week. I hope that makes since.:slight_smile:


The days set aside for each set of mysteries are only guidelines. You can pray whatever ones you want.

We focus on Our Lord’s passion during Lent, so it seems fitting to pray more of the sorrowful mysteries during that time, but it’s not essential. I find it helpful to add the Stations of the Cross during Lent.


I pray all 20 decades every day so now I don’t need to think which ones to do on which days. I thought it would be hard to keep this up but I find I enjoy doing the whole Rosary daily.


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