why does the rosary help get rid of depression and anxiety?:slight_smile:

The Rosary is more than a prayer. It is a mediation on the life of Christ.

because when you devoutly pray the rosary, the grace of God flows through our Lady and onto you.
the 15 promises our Lady gives to the reciters of the rosary are pretty amazing. you should definitely look into them.
i have depression too, and when i was at my lowest my family got into the habit of praying the rosary together daily. it was and is an amazing experience and i receive so many graces from it. i still do! you’re blessed so much that your depression doesn’t seem to hold a place in your mind any longer and peace overcomes it.

pray the rosary often.

I have become very “addicted” to the Rosary. I’ll say “Ave’s” throughout the day. I, also love the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows. (especially before the expose Eucharist).

It puts me at ease all day and into the night. :slight_smile:

I would say that the Rosary helps on two levels. On the spiritual level the Rosary brings us closer to Christ. Which can only be good.

On the practical level the Rosary can slow our mind down and take us away from ourselves and our problems. Meditating on the stories can take our imaginations to a distant land and open our minds to a thousand different scenes. I can live in the Joyful Mysteries for hours thinking about the events taking place. The Sorrowful Mysteries help me understand that I am not alone in suffering. The Glorious Mysteries give me hope. The Luminous Mysteries help me understand what the world is about. Repeating the words over and over calms our thoughts.

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