I was just wondering Is saying a rosary without the necklace allowed?


I say the Rosary without the beads (I do not consider it a necklace-never) all the time. I often use my fingers to count out the ten 'Hail Mary’s" in each of the decades. I do the same when praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Friends often offer me their extra Rosary when we pray together and I tell them “I’m fine with my fingers.” It seems to drive them batty, which I don’t understand. Really, I’m fine!

The rosary is not a necklace.

It is a chaplet. You can say the rosary prayers with or without the chaplet. You can count prayers on your fingers, with pebbles, with rosary beads, with a rosary ring, with a bracelet, or however you please.

The rosary is simply a physical instrument to help guide you. I once went to a secluded area to pray and forgot my rosary so I used my fingers instead :slight_smile: At the end of the day the rosary is more a meditative journey with Mary than just a “necklace”

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