Okay, I know that talking about Medjugorje is banned, so I don’t want to start a debate on it. The question I have is that before i became Catholic I was given a rosary that has Medjugorje written on it, and has some dirt from the area in the crucifix. Now that I am joining the church I have been using it, and want to know if it is fine to use it due to the controversy. I was told by the person that gave it to me it had been blessed by the priest and the pope, I also hold this person in respect, this influences me to think it is okay, but am still not sure.

This probably is a pretty elementary question, but I wanted to make sure


Nothing wrong with using the Rosary, especially as it has been blessed - by the Pope too! Was it by John Paul II or Benedict XIV??


I have a related question, I’ve been wanting to ask, but hesitated, as I am not Catholic.

Last month, my sister in law gave me a rosary that her daughter brought back froma recent trip to Medrugorge. She said that the Blessed Virgin had blessed the Rosary during an apparition.

Out of respect for the Catholic faith…I am in a quandry. I know Medrugorge is not approved, so I wasn’t sure what the “status” of this sacramental is, and what the most appropriate way of handling it would be.

She gave it to me with the best of intentions, and I don’t want to do anything to dishonor a blessed Sacramental…but if it is blessed by an unapproved apparition???well, you see my confusion?



I myself would still use the Rosary - I know people who’ve been to Medj, bought religious items there and used them with no apparent ill effects. The history of a sacramental or the place it was made doesn’t have a permanent or lasting effect on it.

Remember the OT - even after the Temple of Jerusalem had been ransacked and desecrated prior to the Babylonian captivity, the Jews were able to rededicate it and continue using it after their return to Jerusalem.

If you’re concerned you can always have a priest bless the Rosary as well - nothing disrespectful about adding a priest’s blessings to Our Lady’s if she did indeed bless it. You can then rest easy using it.


You can still use the Rosary but it definitely was not blessed by Our Lady in Medjugorie during an apparition. These apparitions are NOT APPROVED by the Church and as someone has pointed out they cannot be discussed in these forums.


This is a moral theology question which requires the opinion of the respondent to reveal his or her beliefs about Medjugorje as well. I ask you to please direct this question to our apologist staff directly. You can find the different ways of doing so through our AAA forum. Thank you for your assistance and to all who participated!

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