Rose at Mass


I’m new here, so am not sure I am posting right. Just had a question. In our church, when we do communion, we have a single red rose in the sanctuary. No one seems to know what it is for. Can anyone here answer this?


Perhaps the rose is attributed to Saint Therese of Lisieux (the little flower).


It could be a rose for life. We have one in our parish each week but we place it at Mary’s shrine.


Are there any other flowers in the sanctuary, or just the rose?


I would ask the priest. :wink:


It may unique to your parish. Two reasonable explanations have been given. St. Therese of Lisieux is called the Little Flower and is associated with the rose. The more likely explanation is that the rose has also come to symbolize life, especially in the pro-life movement.


I’d ask the priest too. I’ve never heard of a rose associated with receiving Communion. But I have heard of it associated with Confession, so it may be worth asking about.

Something I’ve just discovered: check out the Wikipedia article on “Sub rosa” :

Part way through it explains the symbolism of roses in Christianity. The rose can symbolise the Virgin Birth, and the expression “sub rosa”, literally meaning “under the rose” indicates something taking place under secrecy and is associated with the Confessional. roses may be carved on confessional doors.


Hi OP,

Were you able to find out the reason for the rose?

Also, was the flower on the altar table (mensa) or just in the sanctuary?



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