Rose Perfume Scent

Related closed 2014 topic caught my attention as it reminded me of 1986 and 1996 experiences about smelling this unique scent of roses perfume, This was just one experience living close to a pious wife who prays almost ceasingly to Our Lord. She is gifted in many ways but I just could not let this experience written and shared as it’s related to observance of the visit of Our Lady of Guadalupe using roses as authentic sign of Her apparition. As an Ordinary husband, I am thankful of these signs as it made we aware of our Gods love and presence. On this chalenging times it gives relief to know that even me can smell the divine presence of the mother of God. And that anyone can be blessed by just being close to a pious believer!


May God continue to bless you and your wife.
Gratitude is a truly blessed gift.

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