Rosemount educator on leave after tweeting 'kill Kavanaugh?'

Not fired???

Not promoted?

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She has a contract and the teachers unions are strong.

The article says pending investigation.

On vacation.

She should get due process. The school district has to CYA before disciplining someone too.

The teacher, listed as an instructor at the Intermediate School District 917’s Alliance Education Center, has since deleted her Twitter account but her tweet was captured and shared by scores of users who said they reported it to the FBI and U.S. Secret Service.

Isn’t Trump’s leadership amazing??? He is inspiring people all over the country to stand up to bullies!!!

I was being flippant. Sorry.
Of course, the presumption of innocence, too

http://Lang said law enforcement may investigate.

“They’re going to have to look at other things she has said, other conduct - has she mailed letters, made statements to others, purchased a gun, etc.?”

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The teacher resigned, I haven’t kept up with this too much except for headlines. A lot of dumb acts have occurred lately but we know, both sides commit idiotic acts, maybe one side more lately.

Thank heavens, I have never said anything like this but it would be hard to find people perfect in this area. Of never talking down one of our presidents, governors, senators, representatives and so on.

Add on, I think anyone engaging in unruly behavior definitely needs to be prosecuted IF applicable.

These comparisons are getting quite silly gracepoole and trying to nullify it with the ‘only joking’ line instantly after doesn’t cut it. Nobody loves snitches and the comment was silly but once deleted should have been passed over but this is why teachers in the UK are recommended not to use services like twitter and to be very careful about what they post online and I’m fairly sure teachers in the US probably receive similar advice. A silly comment that she obviously realized was silly afterwards but which blew up into something more. That said the Gestapo it is not. Let us know when the regular torture sessions begin for her, the pressing into service of the Gestapo as a comparison is actually quite insulting I would say to people who were interrogated by them.


Jharek, I like and respect you. And as a Holocaust, genocide, and human rights educator, I’ve been loathe to make direct comparisons like those often circulating in progressive circles. That said, you seem incredibly resistant to identifying basic parallels. I don’t need to say this is Nazi Germany – it’s not. I don’t need to say Trump isn’t Hitler – he’s not. But dismissing the claims of experts in the field because nothing in the US currently rivals Nazi Germany? That’s just poor logic. No one is imagining there are death camps around the corner. And it was indeed a joke when I referenced the Gestapo. Blindly ignoring the hundreds of warning signs that come before something significantly negative occurs? That’s naive. Beyond naive: it’s irresponsible. So please, let me keep liking and respecting you – kindly refrain from attempting to school me in subjects I’ve spent my professional career engaged with. I’m no simpleton and it’s quite insulting to suggest as much.

Holocaust survivors would find that as an offensive remark, I totally agree.

Say something hurtful, then, oh, I’m just joking.



Where do you thing these people:

get their inspiration?

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How many Holocaust survivors do you know personally, @Victoria33?

How is HRC’s approach any different than that taken by other politicians currently no matter what their leanings?

It’s not funny. It’s pathetic and egregious.


Oh, in my whole life, about 21 or so. Also, I don’t buy any appeal to authority. That “I just know”, I know about some things, I might state my experience or credentials but I won’t use it to act like I’m authoritative.

How you feel is up to you.

You realize authorities can be legitimate sources, right?

I’d also suggest chatting with the survivors you’ve known about humor and how it has been used from the Holocaust forward.

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