Roses from Saint Therese- I'm in awe!

I really feel amazed. On Sunday night I was having a very low moment - a crisis of faith. I Had a long conversation with my very athiest brother in law and I was doubting everything. I said to Saint Therese, I need your flowers. Please send me your roses. In some way, shape or form - send me your flowers in the next day or so.

The next morning a huge box was delivered, oblong, rectangle. I chuckled thinking, wouldn’t it be great if these were my roses…but they can’t be…the box is all wrong shaped…and it’s not from a flower shop…

I opened it up and almost fainted. 12 pink roses stating up at me. And a bottle of prosecco and chocolates.

From dear friends acknowledging my big birthday which was on the 1st of October- Therese’s feast day. Almost a week after my birthday.

So I demanded (And it was a bit demand-ish!) roses on Sunday. Monday morning a box comes with 12 pink roses.

What do you think? Am I crazy for thinking this is “real”?


Twice you asked St. Therese for roses to strengthen your faith. Twice you got roses. It sounds real to me.
Glory be to God and thanks to Therese of the child Jesus.


Ah thank you…It was only once (not twice), I might have explained wrong…but I did get roses! :slight_smile:


You are not crazy at all, My wife and I lost our daughter due to a miscarriage back in January and the little gifts from heaven we have received since then have really helped heal the pain and give us a boost in faith.

Intercessions are very real. Tell your atheist brother in-law to explain how a lamp we had bought, for what was to be her nursery, lit up bright pink twice while we were grieving the day after her passing, IT WAS UNPLUGGED!!! Ask him how some cut daffodils that were put on her grave site, which became several days dead came back to life for a week. Ask him how it is possible for me to have a dream about an old man flipping thru Scripture and hollering “315! 315!” and for us to be in the right place and against all odds the next morning and us finding a rock that had “315” written on it! It wasn’t just any rock, you see, our daughter to be was nicknamed “Katie Bug” due to gifts we received at her funeral. The rock we found…a lady bug! The Scripture that was on a note in the bag… Proverbs 3:15 - “She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her.” Coincidence? I think not! The dream, being on our anniversary trip at a special place we wanted to take her, the rock painted to look like a lady bug, and the Scripture the old man in my dream wanted me to find! A billion to one odds. It was a memorial in honor of a little girl who had passed away as well, the parents are from Syracuse NY, their area code??? Yep, 315!

So you enjoy your flowers from St. Therese and don’t ever let some unbeliever rain on your parade. Keep the faith!!! I pray you will get many more such flowers when you need them most for the rest of your life !!! 20190213_122036|281x500


Desales thank you so much for telling me those beautiful blessings you received…I know your daughter will be blessing you from Heaven, for the rest of your life…I’m sorry for your loss, and thankful for your blessings.

Do you have a special love for Francis De Sales? I have a special love for him…he “might” be my favourite saint…although so is Therese, and Leopold Mandic, and John of God, and Isaac the Syrian, and Catherine of Sienna…but I have a very very special love for Desales and am currently involved with folks studying his work…


“When I die, I will send down a shower of roses from the heavens, I will spend my heaven by doing good on earth"


Thank you Mark…beautiful words from the Little Flower…how do I preserve one of these roses?


I usually press a rose petal in a book, a heavy book like a Bible. St Therese has been sending me roses for a while. I got one at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre once; there were roses on the altar the last day I prayed the rose prayers to her. I kept a petal and have it laminated on a card in my breviary.



Aw man, I want roses from St Therese! I’ve asked her before and it’s never happened.

So awesome it happened for you!! :heart:


I pray you receive some roses from the Little Flower.
And remember flowers can take some form other than the physical.


Thank you :heart:


God bless you. I love stories like these. Thanks for sharing. I have a few “signs” from when my brother passed that I will have to share

That little rascal Therese!!! :wink: It’s just the opposite with me. I’m the one giving her the flowers! I place them at the feet of her statue at my Church on her feast day.


Yes- it’s real. I recently prayed a novena to St. Therese. On day three, I received a mailer from The Society of the Little Flower. Inside, taped to a card with roses all over it was a rosary, and the rosary pouch had my name printed on it. I’ve never received anything from said society before. I’m not Catholic. Last week, when praying for my dad, after his knee issue, I prayed to St. Therese again. After doing this, I checked my e-mail only to see someone telling me they’re praying for me- along with a giant picture of St. Therese surrounded by roses. If you’re crazy, then I am too.


Great story. I’ve never received roses, I haven’t even got the thorns yet.


LOL I guess I get the thorns… never thought about that :upside_down_face:


Years ago, I had an issue and prayed to St Theresa.

As I was walking during my lunchtime walk at work, I came upon a beautiful wild rose.

Note, this was in the middle of March in New England. :smiley:


Thought this might help:

GOD bless! :innocent::innocent::innocent:


That’s right! May you receive a bunch of roses from her.

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